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Knight Rider Cancelled. Is anyone Surprised March 10, 2009

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The original Knight Rider with the ‘Hoff’ was a decent 80’s show.

The remake in 2008 sucked! Everyone knew it sucked from the day the pilot aired.

Now the show has been cancelled the March 4th episode it’s last one. I don’t know how any network in their right minds could have funded the show as long as this..it never should have left the pilot stage.

The plots were weak, the characters flat and two dimensional, there was no drama, KITT was lame — but the Mustang itself was kinda cool…would’ve been better if they could have had an 83 Trans Am though.


1. Averre - March 13, 2009

Didn’t even bat an eyelash, i watched the first episode and knew within five minutes that is was a whole can full of suck, but this is what happens when some moron decides to get it into his head that something needs to be updated to fit with the times.

Hopefully JJ is paying attention to this while he’s busy cranking out Star Trek 90210

2. kunter - March 23, 2009

NO… !

not everybody knew that it would suck .. just like anything else, people HAILED whatever they were proposed with bunch of flowers and great enthusiasm where we had been the only ones telling them about the truth – correct me If I’m wrong

BS Galactica is even worse example – I was grown up with the original one, and this show is a total merchandise! Not even they cared to include its music – forget about the re-written scenarios.

p.s. about that (so-called) knight rider, that “girl” is an exeption 🙂 though we had Bony as I remember, right? she was also equally charming 😉

best regards

3. the fan - May 3, 2009

your all out of your mind have you seen team knight rider that sucked more balls them the old knight rider the new one even made since to my retarded brother

4. K. T. - May 5, 2009


I love the show!

It can’t be cancelled!

5. Gonthär - June 4, 2009

Hurray, victory is ours at last!!

Seriously people, that series was a complete joke.
Glad that one is over.

If one cannot pay a decent tribute to the original, then don’t make an effort…

6. show blows - July 23, 2009

good CANCEL KNIGHT RIDER it wasnt the org.
corney as hell and the car looked like a brick on four wheels.
morf into a truck give me a brake

7. mk - July 28, 2009

I think the actors had killed it. Kit was cool. Gadget was cool. Plot could have been 2x better. In the 1980s the show kicked off because it had a hint of daredevil whenever the car turbo boosted. It felt real and interesting. Now, ppl knows its all CGs. To be able to revive such a show as knight rider requires alot of good plot and actors that fit their age and not because they’re hot as hell. 🙂

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