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Star Trek XI : Real Scotsman to play Scotty August 21, 2007

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James McAvoy has been named as the actor who will play NCC-1701 chief engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott..

The only movie that i’ve ever seen this dude in is the Chronicles of Narnia – though he was also in the Last King of Scotland.

Considering that Star Trek XI is set for an X-mas 2008 release, and i’d assume there is alot of special effects work to be done…i gotta say the producers are really cutting it close by only figuring out their cast now. At least the script is done..so maybe Abrams and co have already started on specing out the effects and are just going to do principal photgraphy last….(officially set to begin in November).

We don’t know who is playing Kirk yet – but we do know that Zachary Quinto is Spock, and Leonard Nimoy and possible Will Shatner will cameo.


1. expandeduniverse - August 21, 2007

I’m wondering if Kirk will be in this one at all. And If the McAvoy rumor is correct, I’m not that thrilled. He doesn’t seem to be the type for this.

2. expandeduniverse - August 21, 2007
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4. Mary - September 4, 2007

He is a ridiculously good actor. I mean, truly superb. He can act anything, from edgy tormented anti heroes with a secret they don’t want to divulge, to absolute saints… and still make the part interesting.

I hope the script is good enough for him, but I reckon he can pull it off. And I don’t think it can be that long before he gets an Oscar for some of his performances.

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6. voenixrising - September 27, 2007

Shame on you for not knowing that James McAvoy played Leto II in Sci-Fi’s Children of Duneminiseries!

7. showmescifi - September 27, 2007

shame indeed… i guess without the spice my brain isn’t as sharp as it should be (and thnx for pointing it out!)

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