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Star Wars The Old Republic : Fatal Alliance – WTF is this crap? October 26, 2010

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We’re really looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic MMOG.

The early trailers have all been awesome –

So we picked up the first Old Republic book – Fatal Alliance – with likely unrealistic expectations.

This book has some good characters and is well written – but the story is lame and just doesn’t make sense in many areas.

The ‘Fatal Alliance’ is a an alliance of Jedi and Sith against a mutual third party enemy. What’s unclear is how both Jedi and Sith decided to act together..that’s the core of much of the book and it just didn’t make sense to us.

The whole Hex culture on Sebaddon didn’t make sense either and neither did the final resolution.

Though the conclusion was unsatisfying to us — the path to the final chapters was fun to read – a jaunt through Coruscant to Hutta to above the galaxy. Eldon Ax is one awesome Sith witch and we also like the character of Jet the bounty hunter type. The double agent Envoy Vii was also kinda neat too.

So yes, this book does have some redeeming qualities…but it just left us with a bad taste in our mouth.


1. Bored - Michael - October 30, 2010

Sadly it seems like most Star Wars books are likely to be either being lackluster or just plain bad anymore. The overarching story is supposed to be daunting for new readers not long time editors yet they seem hell bent on dumbing down stories so that they only need to remember characters nowadays.

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