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Star Wars Clone Wars – Better the second time around August 26, 2008

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Star Wars The Clone Wars is a better movie the second time around…
The first time we watched Clone Wars to be honest we were underwhelmed (for alot of reasons). Clone Wars is not the best Star Wars movie but that doesn’t mean it’s that bad either.
The battle scenes are all awesome. The basic story – is simple enough but it works.
The animation is of course what set this apart from all other Star Wars movies. The second time around it was only the ‘human’ character’s hair (which doesn’t move) that kinda/sorta bothered me. The animating actors total lack of real emotion is also somewhat of a problem..

Except for Ahsoka Tano…who is the light and life of this movie. Asoka is awesome and wouldn’t have worked as well as a real actress. Little things like Sky-boy and R2-oey..she’s just so cutesy..but not in a Jar Jar Binks (must die) sorta way.

No, I’m not likely to pay to see Clone Wars in the theatre for a third time (which will be the first Star Wars movie ever that I haven’t paid to see at least 5 times). But I’m glad i saw it at least twice.

As a TV show, this concept/series will work and I’m looking forward to seeing on my small screen soon.


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