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Star Trek XI Chekov To Be Played by Russian Actor August 30, 2007

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First Scotty played by a Scotsman

Now Chekov being played by a Russian. I guess J.J.Abrams and his casting staff on Star Trek XI are aiming for real ethnic authenticity.

Anton Yelchin – a relative unknown in North America has been officially cast as Chekov…
I wonder if he’ll be able to find the ..’nucleal wessel…”

There are also active rumors circulating today on Uhura…nothing official yet though.

And the big question – who will be Kirk still remains.


1. AJ - September 12, 2007

Have a great suggestion for Kirk: MAX BEESLEY (horrible name), British guy who stars in BBC TV show HOTEL BABYLON. I never thought Matt Damon was a good pick looks wise, but now I totally see it, as this BEESLEY guy is like a bridge between the young Shatner and Damon.

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4. shjrelvgva - June 7, 2009

Um. They’re gonna cast a Russian AS A RUSSIAN, duh.

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