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Uhura Cast for Star Trek XI..And She’s a Fan!! September 18, 2007

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Zoe Saldana has been picked to be the new Uhura for the new Star Trek movie.

Saldana who has previously been in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and The Terminal (with Tom Hanks) already knows a thing or two about Vulcans.

Uhura’s casting follows casting for Scotty (with a scotsman), Chekov (with a real Russian), Spock (with a guy that has pointy ears). The secret script has apparently been completed and Star Trek XI should be in theatres for X-mas 2008.

Now if they could only cast Kirk…

But without any futher do..here is the future Uhura showing us what she knows about vulcans. Live Long and Prosper Zoe Saldana!

Star Trek XI Chekov To Be Played by Russian Actor August 30, 2007

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First Scotty played by a Scotsman

Now Chekov being played by a Russian. I guess J.J.Abrams and his casting staff on Star Trek XI are aiming for real ethnic authenticity.

Anton Yelchin – a relative unknown in North America has been officially cast as Chekov…
I wonder if he’ll be able to find the ..’nucleal wessel…”

There are also active rumors circulating today on Uhura…nothing official yet though.

And the big question – who will be Kirk still remains.

Spock is a Hero! July 27, 2007

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Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con Zachary Quinto took the stage alongside Leonard Nimoy to confirm who will be Spock in Star Trek XI.

Zachary Quinto – not a bad choice since the dude really does have ‘vulcan’ like features.

No word yet on who will play Kirk, McKoy, Uhura or Scotty. But the film is set to start principal photography in November.

Who Will Play Spock in Star Trek XI? July 24, 2007

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Who Cares!

Star Trek XI is rapidly going from a highly anticipated film to a total disgrace rivalling even the mockery that was Star Trek Enterprise.

The film has already been scheduled for an X-mas 2008 release – the script ready to go since late June. Shatner in maybe??

speculation is now surrounding who will play Kirk and Spock. Personally I hope that two unknowns are chosen. Unknowns that are true fans and that will not bring any acting baggage with them.

Star Trek XI if it has any hope to boldy go and redefine Star Trek for a new era of movie goers needs new blood. Sure it would help if could get kids that look like Shatner and Nimoy (maybe they’ve got nephews?)…but I for one do not want to see the same guy that plays Jason Bourne play Kirk and I don’t want Zachary Quinto, who introduced himself to television audiences last year as the bad guy Sylar in NBC’s “Heroes,” to be Spock.

Star Wars Legacy Issue # 10 : Who’s Your Mama? April 5, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy is a series that just doesn’t quit. Cade Skywalker is still on the run and doesn’t make an appearance in this issue.

You might think that would be a problem – but that’s not the case at all.

Writer John Ostrander throws loyal readers are real curve with a startling revelation in this issue..


The female bounty hunter from Issue #9 that is also in this issue, Morrigan Corde – has a very special relationship with the person she is hunting – Cade Skywalker.

She’s he’s mother!!!


It’s not anything that anyone could have seen coming and is proof positive that Star Wars Legacy remains the best Star Wars comic book series ever created.

The only ‘draw back’ (pun intended) in this issue is that Jan Duursema is still absent as the artist – so though the art is good – it’s not ridiculously fantastic.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile- OUT TODAY!!! February 27, 2007

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Today is the day. Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile hits the shelves TODAY.

I’ve written about this book before, it’s one i’ve been waiting for…It’s the fourth book in the series (So far there have been three previous Star Wars Legacy of the Force books (Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest). At the end of Tempest the Solos (Han and Leia) were on the run, now we’ll find out how far they went.

We won’t however likely find out Jacen Solo’s Sith name. The contest for that was not wrapped up prior to publication so i don’t see anyway how Jacen could take his Sith name in this book.

It might happen in the next one though which is titled, “Sacrifice” which is expected to be released in June of this year.

I’ll start reading this tonight and will post a full review in a week or so when i’m done.

Star Wars : Legacy # 8 – The Sith Reclaim the Empire February 18, 2007

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Just when I thought that Star Wars Legacy couldn’t get any better along comes this issue. It’s a flashback issue occurring before the events of the first issue – way before . We finally get to see how the Sith ended up in control of the Empire after the defeat of the Galactic Alliance, we also see that the rightful Emperor Roan Fel was not at fault for the massacre of the Jedi on Ossus.

The story is just awesome. If you’ve never read Legacy – this is an excellent issue to get started with.

The art ..well it’s not up to the same level as the first seven issues. There is a good reason for that..the art is not done by Jan Duursema. The Sith (particularly Darth Krayt) look kinda lame and overall it’s not the jaw dropping magnificence that the Duursema provides.

Apparently Jan Duursema is working ahead on the next story arc – so we the fans have to settle with second rate artists until her return…considering how awesome the story is…and with the expectation that Duursema is returning I suppose it’s a fair trade off.

The first issue of Legacy revealed the facts of the attack on the Jedi Academy on Ossus and of the betrayal of Emperor Roan Fel by Darth Krayt and the Sith. Now it is time to learn of the machinations and of the secret alliances behind those actions.

Grand Moff Nyna Calixte supervises intelligence gathering for the Empire. Darth Maladi does the same for the Sith. Together they could form an unbeatable team, able to sway the course of a galaxy. That is, if they don’t destroy one another first!

From the ambush of the Galactic Alliance’s fleet to Roan Fel’s narrow escape from assassination, the true story of the Sith overthrow of the Empire can at last be told!

Star Wars : Legacy issue #7 (review) January 28, 2007

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Lightsaber crashes against lightsaber in a battle between Jedi and Sith that marks a crucial turning point in the fate of the galaxy! The life of a central figure hangs in the balance, triggering Cade Skywalker to make a shocking choice that will challenge everything he’s fought so hard to protect, and start him down a path from which he can never return. The stakes are higher than ever before in the Star Wars universe-be there as the future of this epic saga is revealed!

I’ve been a loyal reader of Legacy since issue O. By far and away this is the best issue of Legacy yet – and that is saying alot.

Action, plot, fantastic art – this issue has got it all.

As the end of the first major story arc in Star Wars Legacy it is a fitting conclusion and a natural end. Cade makes his choice and as the cover of the issue implies he follows his destiny. I’m a little surprised he left his pirate buddies behind on Bastion but no doubt Ostrander will find a way in his brilliant script to reconnect them and i suspect that the next time they’ll be an opposing end of a blaster and/or lightsaber.