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It’s A Google Universe – And We Just Live In It August 23, 2007

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If you ever had a doubt that we’re all just playing in the Google Universe – doubt no more.

Google Earth has gone Universal. That is Google Earth which up until this week was limited only to our little blue planet now has a ‘sky’ portion that shows you the stars from your location.

This is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to astronomy thus far in the young history of the Internet.

How many times have I struggled – traveling as much as I do – trying to figure out the sky from wherever my travels take me? – Sure the charts help but Google Earth Sky mode is…


It is the most fluid, dynamic and visually accurate astronomy program i have ever seen and i strongly encourage anyone with an interest in the skies to check it out.

Domain Mapping With WordPress – Kiss Your Traffic Goodbye (in the short term) July 31, 2007

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It’s been three weeks since we moved from showmescifi.wordpress.com to showmescifi.com – thanks to a WordPress domain mapping feature.

In principal it’s a great idea, a great service and is easily done. We had a small issue for a few hours when we didn’t realize that the existing mail server would no longer work – a friendly wordpress.com support person helped out and now email works (thanks to WordPress and Google Apps).

The only REAL problem for ShowMeSciFi is that since we’ve moved, traffic has been cut by nearly two thirds.

Why is that?

I’d speculate a number of things..i think we lost alot of our Google/Technorati juice for one.

Google and Technorati now treat us like a new site almost – with no history of authority and links.

It’s really quite unfortunate that such a great service can have such a negative affect on readership.

That said – we’re committed to building ShowMeSciFi and continuing to populate with the stuff that SciFi fans care about. Thanks for being part of the journey.

Who Will Play Spock in Star Trek XI? July 24, 2007

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Who Cares!

Star Trek XI is rapidly going from a highly anticipated film to a total disgrace rivalling even the mockery that was Star Trek Enterprise.

The film has already been scheduled for an X-mas 2008 release – the script ready to go since late June. Shatner in maybe??

speculation is now surrounding who will play Kirk and Spock. Personally I hope that two unknowns are chosen. Unknowns that are true fans and that will not bring any acting baggage with them.

Star Trek XI if it has any hope to boldy go and redefine Star Trek for a new era of movie goers needs new blood. Sure it would help if could get kids that look like Shatner and Nimoy (maybe they’ve got nephews?)…but I for one do not want to see the same guy that plays Jason Bourne play Kirk and I don’t want Zachary Quinto, who introduced himself to television audiences last year as the bad guy Sylar in NBC’s “Heroes,” to be Spock.

Star Trek Inspirational Posters – AWESOME July 14, 2007

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We’ve all seen the ‘inspirational’ posters in local malls..the Star Trek variety are a bit more interesting for those of us that prefer Trek.

It’s a great idea with some really keen satire too.

Check them all out on the full Star Trek Inspirational Posters site.

Google Blog Search Now 15 hours Behind Technorati *UPDATED* March 13, 2007

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In the continuing series on where ShowMeSciFi.wordpress.com gets indexed on Technorati and Google’s Blog Search…As of 3 PM Eastern on March 13th , Google blog search is 15 hours behind Technorati at indexing this site.

Technorati is currently up to date with indexing the blog while Google’s blog search has not index this site in the past 21 hours. In that time, there have been two stories posted.

According to Technorati they are:

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 which was posted 15 hours ago


Make your own Enterprise out of paperclips!

which was posted 4 hours ago.

I’m not sure how to improve the Google Blog Search indexing, they don’t offer a manual ping but if there are any googlers out there with any ideas please comment below.

 **UPDATE** as of about 20 minutes after this story was first posted Google Blog Search caught up to Technorati. Thanks Google!!! I’ll keep looking to see what the lag may be on future posts and will report on the relative indexing speed of both.

Technorati now beats Google for indexing Showmescifi March 8, 2007

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Barely a month ago I ranted about how Technorati was inferior to Google for indexing wordpress.com sites.

I WAS WRONG (apparently).

My general premise was that Technorati was indexing this (and other wordpress.com sites) not nearly as regularly as Google’s blog search. As of this AM, that’s not the case.

A story posted more than 14 hours ago on ShowMeSciFi.wordpress.com is indexed on Technorati and yet is it not on Google’s blog search. Which for all intents and purposes means that Technorati for this blog at least, may well now be more accurate than Google.

Sure it has alot to do with the regularity of posting. When ShowMeSciFi posts every day, Technorati seems to be indexing this site better, while Google remains relatively constant or lagging.

Regardless, my apologies to Technorati, I shouldn’t have doubted you and keep up the fine work.

Technorati doesn’t like free wordpress.com users February 18, 2007

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There was a time when I though that Technorati was the ultimate blog search tool.

That is until i moved to wordpress.com and realized that Technorati is inferior to Google’s blog search in terms of getting new posts indexed. In fact Technorati in my opinion is so far behind Google in getting wordpress.com indexed that i think that wordpress.com users should avoid Technorati all together.

Allow me to fully explain.

Technorati has a description on it site of how to do automated ping for wordpress. The problem is that it doesn’t work with WordPress.com.

What really alarmed me and showed me how far behind Technorati is – comes from a recent experience where a post of mine was the top post on WordPress.com for the day. Technorati showed inbound links citing my post – but suprisingly the post itself was not listed in content feed for showmescifi.wordpress.com until nearly 12 days later.

I contacted Technorati several times over this period and all i ever got was a form email:

[technorati.com #65651] AutoReply: [Support] Indexing – Last Updated date for my blog has not changed though I ping Inbox


to me

show details

Feb 7 Dear Technorati User,

Thank you so much for taking the time to drop us a line. If you are reporting a problem you may be having you will be contacted by a support technician once we have had a chance to review your message.

If you don’t hear back from anyone within a week, please accept our apologies for the delay as we may be experiencing a backlog in Support. Please feel free to send us a reminder of your ticket. Please be sure to include the subject and ticket number, “[Support] Indexing – Last Updated date for my blog has not changed though I ping #65651], ” in your note so we may properly track your issue and its progress. In the meantime, you can also check our Support FAQ located at “http://technorati.com/help/faq.html” which may answer some of your questions.

If you have written us to share feedback, ideas, or suggestions (if the Subject line contains [Feedback] vs [Support]), you will not normally receive a response but we do appreciate and value any and all comments, alerts and suggestions.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for using Technorati! We hope we may be of service.

Best Regards,
Technorati Support


Now let’s take a look at Google’s blog search in comparison. Google is up to date for ShowMeSciFi.wordpress.com within 3 hours of a post. Technorati doesn’t even come close at anywhere from 2 days to almost 2 weeks even if I do a manual ping.

So the question is – what’s up with Technorati? Is it just for bloggers who host on their own? I used to wonder why Technorati was till independant and hadn’t been bought by Yahoo! Google or Microsoft. I think I now have part of my answer.

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