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Spock is a Hero! July 27, 2007

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Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con Zachary Quinto took the stage alongside Leonard Nimoy to confirm who will be Spock in Star Trek XI.

Zachary Quinto – not a bad choice since the dude really does have ‘vulcan’ like features.

No word yet on who will play Kirk, McKoy, Uhura or Scotty. But the film is set to start principal photography in November.

Zuda comics – So you want to be a comic book writer? July 9, 2007

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Actually getting paid by a big publisher like DC Comics to write comic books for many is just a pipe dream.

But now DC Comics through its new Zuda Comics affiliate is about to change the game.

When you submit your Web Comics to Zuda, you could be chosen immediately for a publishing contract or be entered into a competition where the rest of the Zuda Community will pick a Web Comic to win a publishing contract.

Full specs haven’t been published just yet and the full launch isn’t until October..but it looks like one of the most open approaches to getting published by a big house.

“There is an explosion of creativity in web comics,” said Paul Levitz, DC Comics President & Publisher in a statement. “We want to build a great stage for this new generation of creators to perform on, a solid system for their work to reach audiences online and in print, and for the creators to share in the profits their creations can generate. In this time of rapid technological and cultural change, DC wants to be a good publisher for the evolving and growing community of online comic creators, so that we can be their partner for showcasing new kinds of works to entertain future generations.”

Sounds like a great deal to me. (ShowMeSciFi the comic book series here we come!)