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Spock is a Hero! July 27, 2007

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Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con Zachary Quinto took the stage alongside Leonard Nimoy to confirm who will be Spock in Star Trek XI.

Zachary Quinto – not a bad choice since the dude really does have ‘vulcan’ like features.

No word yet on who will play Kirk, McKoy, Uhura or Scotty. But the film is set to start principal photography in November.

Sarah Connor Chronicles – Terminator continued! March 5, 2007

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Sarah Connor? ??

Looks like it’s not just the Terminator who will be back but Sarah Connor as well.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that filming has just wrapped on The Sarah Connor Chronicles which is a Terminator spinoff series.

Summer Glau who is well known to scifi fans from her work on Firefly (and the “Serenity” movie) plays Cameron, a female Terminator. There is also a male named Cromartie (Owain Yeoman). Apparently it’s some some of T2 type scenario where one Terminator is good the other evil.

The series starts at the end of T2 with Sarah Conner (not played by Linda Hamilton – i know that really really really sucks -) played by actress Lena Headey on the run with the future leader of humanity John Connor.

THANK GOODNESS it doesn’t deal with the T3 crap. That movie just plain sucked.

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is set to premiere on Fox this fall. I’ll be sure to post clips as soon as I can track them down. That is unless the Governator tracks her down first – and here for your viewing pleasure..that infamous clip from the original.