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Defying Gravity – who is Beta? August 3, 2009

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.

We’re going to make an early prediction – Defying Gravity- the new ABC sciFi show is going to make it.

The pilot episode(s) were exceptionally well written with awesome pacing and the right mix of flashbacks, forward movement and plot conspiracies.

The biggest mystery now is – who or what is Beta? and where is Antares actually going? It isn’t just on its way to Venus now is it?

Clearly Beta is some kind of sentient alien presence and it’s got some kind of payload on Antares itself (in pod 54). What that payload is – we don’t know, but I suspect it’s something that is so dangerous that it’s unlikely that the crew of Antares will ever make it back to earth.

If you missed the episode on Sunday night – Amazon has got both parts of the pilot avail online now (for Free!). Pilot – Part 2



1. it is over - September 14, 2009

the concept is good, but i feel that overall the creators lack the skill to put everything together a good product.
oh also, i have to admit i’m sick with needless sexual content and bad humor in this show.

2. Defying Gravity CANCELLED – We will never know who Beta was « Show Me SciFi - September 14, 2009

[…] We finally had some action – and we were on the verge of finding out who/what Beta was. […]

3. Vyse - September 15, 2009

after watching the last episode i can now say that, (after a very slow start) i am now hooked

4. Mr. M. - September 18, 2009

LOVE IT. Ron Livingston is one of my favorite actors…Office Space!
also thrilled that there are Black folks in space, and not just in a token role.

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