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Defying Gravity – Beta is a fractal life form September 21, 2009

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What is beta? Now we know.

ABC may have toasted Defying Gravity, but CTV in Canada hasn’t.

In fact CTV has aired the episode that everyone in the U.S wanted to see,the one where beta is finally revealed.

so here’s the spoiler — beta is an alien fractal life form.

It’s one of eight -and was found on Earth. The other seven objects are found on the planets that Antares are headed too. That is the real mission of ship.

The Alpha site – is Mars – Actually the same site where Donner lost Sharon years prior – as that was the true original mars mission too.

So the whole truth is now out, CTV will have a few more episodes where we’ll find out about beta’s true intentions…we still don’t know that…

Defying Gravity CANCELLED – We will never know who Beta was September 14, 2009

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defyingLast night’s episode – episode  (Love, Honor, Obey
) of Defying Gravity was one of the better episodes of the series.

We finally had some action – and we were on the verge of finding out who/what Beta was.

We’ll now never find out as the geniuses that run ABC have canceled Defying Gravity.


Sure the show was slow, but it was just building to its big resolution – the unveiling of Beta.

What a fraking waste of time. How could ABC cut it off now?

I just wanted to know what Beta was and what the real mission of Antares was all about, now what do i get? Nothing.

ABC apparently already ordered 13 episodes so there are a bunch more left to watch – maybe they’ll be a DVD set – we can only hope..

If you missed last night’s episode Amazon has it here:Love, Honor, Obey

** UPDATED ** As it turns out the remaining 5 episodes will be shown in Canada – let’s hope that Amazon picks them up and/or that they’ll be easily available online

Defying Gravity – Episode 7 – Fear – FEARFULY BAD, Slow, painful and still no Beta September 8, 2009

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defying From the ‘wtf is going on files:
We’ve watched 7 episode of Defying Gravity and we still don’t know what’s going on.

The last two episodes (6 & 7) could easily have been merged into one episode, but instead we’ve got this long drawn out piece of crap.

This show started off with a cool premise, and just like Antares itself, this show is going nowhere fast.
How many shows can you have about the same hallucination issue?

Where/what is Beta? We still don’t know and at this point I’m not sure if we care anymore either. At this stage it’s unlikely this show will last until the end of the year before ABC pulls the plug on this disaster.

Defying Gravity S01E03 Threshold – This show is starting to SUCK August 10, 2009

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defying The first post-pilot episode (technically episode 3)of Defying Gravity was on Sunday night..and it wasn’t half as good as the pilot.

Instead of telling us who/what Beta is – barely a mention – we get a long drawn out sloooooooooow episode.

Yes the whole bit about libido suppression was interesting – and the halo was an interesting twist –

This show isn’t about action – it’s about human interactions – as we learn to love/like/hate the characters that will be worthwhile – but at this early point – it’s just too early. The show is too slow.

Let’s hope the next episode has more plot development to make us like this show the way we did the pilot.

If you missed the episode – Threshold Amazon’s got for free

Defying Gravity – who is Beta? August 3, 2009

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We’re going to make an early prediction – Defying Gravity- the new ABC sciFi show is going to make it.

The pilot episode(s) were exceptionally well written with awesome pacing and the right mix of flashbacks, forward movement and plot conspiracies.

The biggest mystery now is – who or what is Beta? and where is Antares actually going? It isn’t just on its way to Venus now is it?

Clearly Beta is some kind of sentient alien presence and it’s got some kind of payload on Antares itself (in pod 54). What that payload is – we don’t know, but I suspect it’s something that is so dangerous that it’s unlikely that the crew of Antares will ever make it back to earth.

If you missed the episode on Sunday night – Amazon has got both parts of the pilot avail online now (for Free!). Pilot – Part 2