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Defying Gravity – Beta is a fractal life form September 21, 2009

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What is beta? Now we know.

ABC may have toasted Defying Gravity, but CTV in Canada hasn’t.

In fact CTV has aired the episode that everyone in the U.S wanted to see,the one where beta is finally revealed.

so here’s the spoiler — beta is an alien fractal life form.

It’s one of eight -and was found on Earth. The other seven objects are found on the planets that Antares are headed too. That is the real mission of ship.

The Alpha site – is Mars – Actually the same site where Donner lost Sharon years prior – as that was the true original mars mission too.

So the whole truth is now out, CTV will have a few more episodes where we’ll find out about beta’s true intentions…we still don’t know that…


1. Adam - September 22, 2009

I really hope they dont cancel this now… I was getting a bit bored with it up until episode 8, and now its just got really interesting again…
Myself and the girlfriend cant wait for the next episode, and are hoping that they decide to finish to conclusion…
Lets see the rest of the solar system, and see what starts happening as Alpha/Beta/etc all get together…

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