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Defying Gravity CANCELLED – We will never know who Beta was September 14, 2009

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defyingLast night’s episode – episode  (Love, Honor, Obey
) of Defying Gravity was one of the better episodes of the series.

We finally had some action – and we were on the verge of finding out who/what Beta was.

We’ll now never find out as the geniuses that run ABC have canceled Defying Gravity.


Sure the show was slow, but it was just building to its big resolution – the unveiling of Beta.

What a fraking waste of time. How could ABC cut it off now?

I just wanted to know what Beta was and what the real mission of Antares was all about, now what do i get? Nothing.

ABC apparently already ordered 13 episodes so there are a bunch more left to watch – maybe they’ll be a DVD set – we can only hope..

If you missed last night’s episode Amazon has it here:Love, Honor, Obey

** UPDATED ** As it turns out the remaining 5 episodes will be shown in Canada – let’s hope that Amazon picks them up and/or that they’ll be easily available online


1. Chris J - November 27, 2009

Once more the networks kill something that’s a slow burner! I’m waiting for Dollhouse and Fringe to get the big shop for the same reasons. It’s too much about making the same old s**t and running to the hillls when something a little ‘challenging’ comes along. Now don’t get me wrong I was starting to get a little antsy over watching a 6 year mission play out day by day (i managed to avoid Lost for this very reason) but once more we’ll never know what would have happened.

A little cheesy, over emotional, clunky and overstated at times but not bad. Lets face it, how many shows out there keep getting the re-runs or continuations just ‘cos the trailer parks keep watching?

2. Garner Train - November 29, 2009

Who are these ABC executives hopefully they will be ex —executives for again they build up our anticipation, and attempt to test our intelligence with the series Defying Gravity and then cancel it before we have a chance to find out the ending (I guess if a series doesn’t fit their idea of what they want us to watch and be like (like idiots) they just go and cancel it!!!!) it’s a true shame that they again cancelled a great series like “Defying Gravity” .

3. CeeBee - December 23, 2009

Didn’t they do this to Star Trek in 1967? Well, come on guys – they were right then, weren’t they! Sigh! :O(

4. James - January 11, 2010

Hey guys, no Star Trek the original series was canceled after 3 seasons. 75 Episodes. But it went onto Four spin offs and 11 movies. Defying Gravity Season one AKA the Complete Series comes out on DVD January 19th.

5. CeeBee - December 5, 2010

Flashforward series 2 binned now for similar reasons.

It’s getting so fans will be reluctant to watch interesting new SF (or related) because the odds are that they’re going to end up getting hung out to dry. Self fulfilling.

6. Pt - January 30, 2011

Agreed entirely, I no longer watch new shows until they’ve got to a point of maturation that I can gaurantee there will be some closure. Otherwise it’s a waste of my time. This means the networks have permanently lost my viewership for new programs as they can’t be trusted.

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