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Stargate Universe Episode 5 : Light. Chloe Ditches Eli October 21, 2009

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sguEli is the only decent character on Stargate Universe, yet for some reason the producers don’t want to see him happy (yet).

In this week’s episode Chloe (the Senator’s) daughter hooks up with the Lt Scott – instead of Eli. And after Eli showed her where the showers were…how grateful is she?

The episode looks like a typical – ok only x number of you will survive the rest are toast episode that we’ve seen a gazillion times in Stargate shows.

Unless something really great comes out of this episode, Stargate Universe at this early stage is already on the fast track to oblivion and early cancellation.


1. David - October 23, 2009

You say that only X numbers of you will survive, like that is a bad thing. I for one eat up those episodes. They have much drama and usually in the end most or all survive. HOORAY!!! It is episodes like these that keep fans returning. In any TV series almost ALL plot lines have been done before in one series or another. It is how the plot lines play out that defines the series.

2. nath - October 23, 2009

EARLY CANCELATION , are you mad this show out ranks any of the stargates so far , in my opinion though , i think that it would be prudent, if not obvious to use them comunication stones to get Dr McKay in volved , would be cool

3. MorningErection - October 23, 2009

Haven’t seen episode 5 yet but I don’t thing SyFy would cancel the show no matter how poor the rating or the quality of the show is. It’s Stargate. They have a reputation and it will last 2 seasons regardless. I sure hope it gets better. I’m giving up Monk every week to watch SGU.

4. Enuff - October 23, 2009

Just tried to watch episode 5 – this thing is shit. Eli is alright, the Colonel is an okay character… The rest can go out the airlock. The writing is crap, the characters are crap, all of it is – Crap. It’s not even mildly amusing.

I, for one, have completely given up on BattleStarGateGalactiVoyager.

5. Alan - October 24, 2009

Well from the start, They said Eli was comic relief. I mean who wants smart, fat slackers to have strong independent streaks, or to get the leading lady. In my opinion, Eli is the best character on the ship.

6. Pckat - October 24, 2009

B O R I N G!!!

7. Vared - October 24, 2009

Eli is an alright character, but Carlyle’s talents are just wasted on this writing. They said from the beginning this was going to be a character driven show. Fine, good, I have no problem with that, in fact i’d probably like it better than your generic action show. However these character interviews with the “kinos” is just plain bad. Good character development = Show don’t tell, idiots.

8. alien0 - October 25, 2009

Well overall i have to say that i was really thrilled to see a new stargate show. it seemed to be a truly great and logical idea to switch to a spaceship-environment with a forced timeframe to explore different planets. this would enhance the possibillities even more.

well, as thrilled as i was when i was tuning in for the pilot…. so deeply disappointet i am after trying to FORCE me through all 5 episodes so far.

i am really sorry, i should represent the segment of people the show was initially aimed at. i loved BSG and i like dramatical character driven shows like ..let’s say, house and so on. But all these shows are pretty much unike in their feels. Including Stargate with all its Movies and tv shows until now.

I feel a bit embarrased that this is named stargate. and i think the producers and directors, which i..just for the record, really like (they are great guys!), should be embarrased too. because what they came up with, is not working as it should. actually it is a lot worse than that. it is setting fire in all the stargate communitys.. you can read it all over the internet. I estimate that at least 70% of regular stargate viewers wich liked any sg show before are really dissappointed with the overall style of this show.

It is wayyyyy too cheesy… too much lovestory (90210 in space.. literally!), absolutely unrealistic use of recources.. for e.g. the comunication through the ancient devices. They could just swap the stupid crowd with the best and brightest airforce can offer!! And its Over the top ridiculously dramatic. But what hurts most is that its plain boring over long distances. In the face of death, instead of pulling together and work the problems they fight against each other and they are banging each other. No body trusts the guy next to him. It is absolutely PAINFULL to watch most of the characters interact. It is so fucking embarrassing!

Damn it’s really a shame that they haven’t tried something more subtile before they pushed full throttle ahead for the “ReallityTV/MTVdatingshow/i sold my wife for a new flatscreen and married a whore”-audience
What a load of blended crap.

The only guy you can really enjoy is ELI. Colonel Young the doc and carlyls character, rush, they have great potential. Robert Carlyl is GREAT! I hope they try a 180 degree turn. and fast please. because if i have to watch ONE more single random lovescene with random guys and random blabla instead of problemsolving in a show called stargate.. then i’m afraid i have to puke in a envelope and send it to MGM. If they are not bankrupt by then which i would really appreciate by now..

9. Jimbob - October 29, 2009

Your comment is extremely well thought out, giving a balanced view of SGU. I disagree with a few minor points, but after reading it, I have decided to also puke in an envelope and send it to MGM.

10. bklynNY - November 1, 2009

SG 1 and Atlantis shows how stupid Universe is.
What an insult. Bring back SG 1 or Atlantis.

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