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Star Trek XI : Real Scotsman to play Scotty August 21, 2007

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James McAvoy has been named as the actor who will play NCC-1701 chief engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott..

The only movie that i’ve ever seen this dude in is the Chronicles of Narnia – though he was also in the Last King of Scotland.

Considering that Star Trek XI is set for an X-mas 2008 release, and i’d assume there is alot of special effects work to be done…i gotta say the producers are really cutting it close by only figuring out their cast now. At least the script is done..so maybe Abrams and co have already started on specing out the effects and are just going to do principal photgraphy last….(officially set to begin in November).

We don’t know who is playing Kirk yet – but we do know that Zachary Quinto is Spock, and Leonard Nimoy and possible Will Shatner will cameo.

Battlestar Galactica Season Zero Issue Zero – The Most Popular BSG comic of all time??? May 9, 2007

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bsgseasonzero.jpgThe series has barely begun but Battlestar Galactica Season Zero can already lay claim to being the most popular BSG comic book of all time.

How can that be??? It’s only at issue Zero.


Dynamite gave issue Zero away.

On Free Comic Book Day.

They gave away …drum roll please…


100,000 COPIES

Is it any good? Not really. It’s a pre TV movie era prequel that likely won’t ever be considered to be canon. Adama crosses into Cylon space to rescue a lost expedition and run into..surprise surprise – CYLONS.

Kinda reminds me of the bulldog episode.

Artwork is crap and the story is real baseline. But hey it was FREE.