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REVOLUTION : Has the Music of Led Zeppelin but We Still Won’t Watch It November 19, 2012

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Why is Revolution still on TV? It’s a show that barely makes sense.

Tonight’s show has the music of our fav 70’s mega band Led Zeppelin. When the power is out and we’re living in a post-apocalyptic version of the U.S., Zeppelin is what i want to hear…

BUT even with that REVOLUTION is a show that has no future and unlike Zeppelin not a classic that will last the test of time.

NBC Revolution – Continues to SUCK October 1, 2012

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ok so there was nothing else on and we gave Revolution another shot.

Big mistake. After about 15 minutes it was so pitiful we somehow found the strength to get up off the couch (long day here) and walk away …just like NBC will soon too.

NBC’s Revolution. Why We’re Not Watching It Now September 24, 2012

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Yeaah we watched Revolution last week…and sure we started to watch a bit of it tonight.

You can telegraph the plot of this show a mile away. It’s useless, pedantic, pulp entertainment and we’re not going to waste our time.

I mean seriously how does the Munroe Republic make any sense? The gov’t totally collapses in such a short period of time? the rule of law no longer works as it should?

anyways..we’ll keep an eye out and likely catch up on this show with iTunes (Revolution, Season 1 – Revolution) AT some point if NBC doesn’t kill this show first.

Strange how a show like this is barely watchable when there are commercials in it, but cut those out and get the ability to watch a few back to back and maybe…just maybe this show won’t look as thoughtless in the aggregate as it does in the particular.

Revolution. Owning a gun is a hanging offense September 17, 2012

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Owning a gun in the Munroe Republic is a hanging offense…so go hang yourself. Easily the best line in JJ Abrams new show.

Or how about the former Gooogle guy.. 8 million in the bank and i,d trade it all for a roll of Charmin.

The insurance adjuster…he,s a mean dude.

So is this show any good? It looks like yet,another post apocalypse show..not sure it has the legs to last though