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Star Trek the Video Game: William Shatner vs the Gorn- HILARIOUS!! April 1, 2013

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J J Abrams in his infinite wisdom DID NOT include William Shatner in his reboot of Star Trek – but that’s not stopping the makers of the new Star Trek video from including Shatner in a new promo.

Shattner parodies himself in this clip (and for good measure we’ve put the classic 1967 clip of his first encounter with the gorn too!)

the new game is set for official release on April 26th 2013


and the classic episode bit that is being parodied:

Star Trek NX:01 with William Shatner? It Could have happened… September 13, 2012

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Long time readers of ShowMeSciFi.com know that we have no love lost for the Star Trek Enterprise show.

It wasn’t a good show (for the most part, though it did have some great moments). The Mirror Universe episode of course was awesome as was the cameo when Cmrd Riker (J.Frakes) came on board too. There could have been one other cameo that would have given that show another awesome moment.

William Shatner making an appearance as Capt Kirk. Wouldn’t that have made sense in the Mirror Universe episode? Especially since they capture the NCC-1701 from the future, which should have been Kirk’s ship?
According to Brannon Braga – it could have happened.

He tells this tale in a recent interview:

The only crossover that was exciting was there was a brief time when we were going to put Captain Kirk on Enterprise, and we even met with William Shatner, but it just never happened. We had some story concocted about why Kirk was there and how he got there. I don’t remember. I think Shatner had a pitch. It was actually going to be a pretty cool two-part episode. I don’t know exactly what happened. It might have been that we couldn’t make a deal with Shatner or something like that.

Happy 81st Birthday to William Captain Kirk Shatner March 22, 2012

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He’s not Dead Jim!!

William Shatner turns 81 today and he sure seems as vibrant and as relevant as ever.

Sure the Sh*t My Dad Say show didn’t go anywhere.

Sure JJ Abrams didn’t include him in the Star Trek reboot

But that does mean that fans the world over still don’t love shatner.

So on his 81st birthday we have a few special words.

Mr. Shatner:


Happy 79th Birthday – William Shatner! March 22, 2010

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William Shatner turns 79 today. Happy Birthday Captain/Admiral!!

In recognition today is also talk like William Shatner day…but now we don’t joke about Shatner here..

Shatner is one of the most iconic figures in all of SciFi and he demands our respect.

Sure Kirk is now a caricature of a cartoon character but everyone knows who he is – and that’s not because of J J Abrams Frakin BS version of Star Trek either.

Kirk is Shatner and Shatner will always be Kirk.

William Shatner Can’t do Vulcan Salute – Gives Conan O’Brian the Bird instead! June 18, 2009

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Totally hilarious.  A drunk Bill Shatner shows up on the Tonight Show and tries to tell a funny story that was supposed to end with him giving the Vulcan salute.

Only he can’t do it cause he’s too drunk. Conan goes nuts and jumps on a table yelling at him!

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Star Trek XI : Shatner Out Because Kirk is Dead January 21, 2008

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Among all the excitement of the new Star Trek XI movie there is a major controversy.

William ‘Bill’ Shatner a.ka. Captain James Tiberius Kirk has been SHAFTED by the producers of Star Trek XI and will not be making an appearance.

Leonard Nimoy (SPOCK) is in it, but apparently Shatner isn’t good enough for J.J. Abrams.

“I think they’re coming toward the end (of shooting, so) they’ve got another three weeks to hire me,” Shatner joked at the opening of the traveling exhibit Star Trek: The Tour in a recent interview with USAtoday. “No, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me, unfortunately. I don’t know the reason why.”

Apparently the reason why is because Kirk died in Star Trek : Generations.

WHAT A LAME EXCUSE. Spock died at the end of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan – he came back. Why not Shatner’s Kirk?

No i think the reason is because Shatner is such a giant in the Star Trek world that his appearance in Star Trek XI would overshadow all the others in the recast classic roles.

Want Shatner’s Kirk back? You’re not alone. Go check out BringBackKirk.com for a group that has got the right idea. It’s time for Kirk to Return.  J.J. Abrams may think he’s some kind of hotshot director but without Shatner something will be missing from Star Trek XI.