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Star Trek NX:01 with William Shatner? It Could have happened… September 13, 2012

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Long time readers of ShowMeSciFi.com know that we have no love lost for the Star Trek Enterprise show.

It wasn’t a good show (for the most part, though it did have some great moments). The Mirror Universe episode of course was awesome as was the cameo when Cmrd Riker (J.Frakes) came on board too. There could have been one other cameo that would have given that show another awesome moment.

William Shatner making an appearance as Capt Kirk. Wouldn’t that have made sense in the Mirror Universe episode? Especially since they capture the NCC-1701 from the future, which should have been Kirk’s ship?
According to Brannon Braga – it could have happened.

He tells this tale in a recent interview:

The only crossover that was exciting was there was a brief time when we were going to put Captain Kirk on Enterprise, and we even met with William Shatner, but it just never happened. We had some story concocted about why Kirk was there and how he got there. I don’t remember. I think Shatner had a pitch. It was actually going to be a pretty cool two-part episode. I don’t know exactly what happened. It might have been that we couldn’t make a deal with Shatner or something like that.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm December 18, 2011

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We weren’t particularly big fans of Enterprise when it was on TV…but we have been big fans of the Romulan War series, beginning with Kobyashi Maru which is a FANTASTIC book.

That story continued in The Romulan War – which similarly was a great read..so yeah we had high expectation for To Brave The Storm and Michael Martin delivers.

This is a real conclusion to the Romulan War saga…and a more fitting end to Star Trek Enterprise than the crap that showed up on TV.

We get some real insight into the Romulan Star Empire of the day and Vulcans too…

But perhaps most importantly, we get the final resolution of the whole Trip / T’Pol situation. That resolution doesn’t come until the last page of this book, in a brilliantly crafted literary maneuver of looking back 25 years after the founding of the Federation (and the Romulan War itself).

No, I don’t know how or if any other writer could possibly now extend Enterprise – this is likely it and it’s a fitting end.

Star Trek Enterpise : The Romulan War – A Great Read! January 3, 2010

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We were never fans of  the Star Trek Enterprise series when it was on the air – but the book series is another story.

The Romulan War – which continues on the story begun in Kobyashi Maru in 2009 – is an excellent novel and one that makes Enterprise ‘whole’ again.

The Romulans are bad guys – and no one (except for the vulcans and trip) really know who they are. What we get in this book is a whole lot of plot and drama about the Romulan War – the back and forth battle as Romulans take territory from Earth and then Earth tries to win in back.

Then there is the whole subplot of the aftermath of the Kobyashi Maru – with Travis being re-assigned to a pair of different NX class starships – both of which end up being destroyed by the Romulans.

T’pol hooks up with Trip again (woohoo) – but this novel isn’t about character development – it’s about the plot – the star trek universe at a critical pre-federation era when it faces down the Romulans.

This is great Star Trek fiction – with back and forth action as Starfleet gets its feet wet in in its first real interstellar conflict – highly recommended for all Star Trek fans in our view.