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Star Trek Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm December 18, 2011

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We weren’t particularly big fans of Enterprise when it was on TV…but we have been big fans of the Romulan War series, beginning with Kobyashi Maru which is a FANTASTIC book.

That story continued in The Romulan War – which similarly was a great read..so yeah we had high expectation for To Brave The Storm and Michael Martin delivers.

This is a real conclusion to the Romulan War saga…and a more fitting end to Star Trek Enterprise than the crap that showed up on TV.

We get some real insight into the Romulan Star Empire of the day and Vulcans too…

But perhaps most importantly, we get the final resolution of the whole Trip / T’Pol situation. That resolution doesn’t come until the last page of this book, in a brilliantly crafted literary maneuver of looking back 25 years after the founding of the Federation (and the Romulan War itself).

No, I don’t know how or if any other writer could possibly now extend Enterprise – this is likely it and it’s a fitting end.


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