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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter – no it does not cut the slices with phaser precision September 21, 2010

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Every wanted a pizza cutter in the shape of the starship enterprise?

Star Trek Enterpise : The Romulan War – A Great Read! January 3, 2010

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We were never fans of  the Star Trek Enterprise series when it was on the air – but the book series is another story.

The Romulan War – which continues on the story begun in Kobyashi Maru in 2009 – is an excellent novel and one that makes Enterprise ‘whole’ again.

The Romulans are bad guys – and no one (except for the vulcans and trip) really know who they are. What we get in this book is a whole lot of plot and drama about the Romulan War – the back and forth battle as Romulans take territory from Earth and then Earth tries to win in back.

Then there is the whole subplot of the aftermath of the Kobyashi Maru – with Travis being re-assigned to a pair of different NX class starships – both of which end up being destroyed by the Romulans.

T’pol hooks up with Trip again (woohoo) – but this novel isn’t about character development – it’s about the plot – the star trek universe at a critical pre-federation era when it faces down the Romulans.

This is great Star Trek fiction – with back and forth action as Starfleet gets its feet wet in in its first real interstellar conflict – highly recommended for all Star Trek fans in our view.

Star Trek Home Theatre – It’s the Next Generation November 18, 2007

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What better way to watch SciFi than from the bridge of the Enterprise? After all the front of the bridge is a viewscreen and the entire command crew is oriented towards it…it’s just a big home theater in space.

Not so fast..apparently some dude has modeled it as a real home theater. No word yet on whether he’s going to sell it (like the Star Trek apartment dude in the UK -).

For the full story check out Electronic House.

Star Trek XI : Greenwood to Play Capt Pike November 8, 2007

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I always thought that poor Captain Pike got shafted badly in Trek. His chair and the whole blinking lights thing was just..saaaaaaaaaaad.

Well Pike makes a return – on two legs – in Star Trek XI by way of Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood.

It will be neat to see Pike in full command of the NCC-1701 AS he should have been all along…

Star Trek XI is set for an XMAS 2008 release.

Mirror Universe Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 November 5, 2007

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We sure love locating rare finds here on ShowMeSciFi.com – this is definitely one of those RARE finds.

Though Enterprise itself was a weak show that met a timely demise – the mirror universe episode of Enterprise – “In A Mirror, Darkly” was easily one of the best if not THE BEST episode of the whole series and likely one of the best Mirror Mirror universe episodes in the entire star trek cannon.

From the beginning – with its custom show intro – to the ridiculously cool plot – what an awesome show..and hey NX-01 as an ISS battleship – WOW.

And hey thanks to Art Asylum – you can own your own mirror universe NX-01 …check out this eBay auction for yourself….and then look in the mirror and laugh…
Mirror Universe NX-01