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Star Trek Mirror Universe : The Sorrows of Empire – This is the REAL sequel to Mirror Mirror and yes its Awesome! February 17, 2010

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Our favorite Star Trek TOS episode has always been Mirror Mirror – where the Federation doesn’t exist and instead the Terran Empire reigns supreme and humans act more like the Klingons.

At the end of that greatest of all Star Trek episodes (Frak you Tribbles!!!) the Kirk from the ‘regular’ universe’ tell the Spock from the Mirror universe that he can make a difference.

Over the last 40 years we’ve seen small glimpses of that difference that Mirror Spock made — but we never got the full novel length story — until now.

The Sorrows of Empire is a the TRUE sequel to Mirror Mirror (Star Trek: The Original Series – Season Two [Blu-ray]) and it is the story that many of us have been waiting 40 years to read. Author David Mack is brilliant and continues on from that classic episode. Spock’s motivation and action are well scripted as is the dialogue and the drama.

The end – well we all knew how it would end – with the end of the Terran Empire – but how it got there and what Emperor Spock did – well that’s what this MOST AWESOME book is all about.

The end is a little shorter than i might have liked, but it works with the Klingon/Cardassian alliance smashing Terra and killing Spock and his poor wife — who get a lot of time in this book usually about her angst about not having a baby with Spock.

The weaving of Dr. Carol Marcus and David Marcus as well as Curzon Dax and Saavik is also brilliant. The Mirror Universe version of the Kobyashi Maru training simulation — another brilliant scene.

Did we like this book? HELL YES. And if you’re a fan classic Trek (and Mirror Mirror) so will you.

Mirror Universe Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 November 5, 2007

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We sure love locating rare finds here on ShowMeSciFi.com – this is definitely one of those RARE finds.

Though Enterprise itself was a weak show that met a timely demise – the mirror universe episode of Enterprise – “In A Mirror, Darkly” was easily one of the best if not THE BEST episode of the whole series and likely one of the best Mirror Mirror universe episodes in the entire star trek cannon.

From the beginning – with its custom show intro – to the ridiculously cool plot – what an awesome show..and hey NX-01 as an ISS battleship – WOW.

And hey thanks to Art Asylum – you can own your own mirror universe NX-01 …check out this eBay auction for yourself….and then look in the mirror and laugh…
Mirror Universe NX-01