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Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed – WOW What a GREAT Story December 26, 2014

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Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed isn’t a good book, it’s a GREAT Star Trek book. From the first page to the last, this is a well thought out story, with alternate timeline, mirror universe, section 31 and Bashir (after the Fall).

We had no idea going in what we were getting into, simply put, we haven’t read much Section 31, but the whole Star Trek universe in the post-Fall era has left us hungry for as much Trek as we can find.

This book continues the post Fall story, Breen/Typhon Pact types still trying to get the upper hand/ Section 31 trying to help (?) The Federation and of course, our hero Bashir to pull it all together.

The real joy in this book though is the wonderful timeline storyline which all gets pulled together in the end – no spoilers here  – this book has an amazing finish.

Star Trek Mirror Universe : The Sorrows of Empire – This is the REAL sequel to Mirror Mirror and yes its Awesome! February 17, 2010

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Our favorite Star Trek TOS episode has always been Mirror Mirror – where the Federation doesn’t exist and instead the Terran Empire reigns supreme and humans act more like the Klingons.

At the end of that greatest of all Star Trek episodes (Frak you Tribbles!!!) the Kirk from the ‘regular’ universe’ tell the Spock from the Mirror universe that he can make a difference.

Over the last 40 years we’ve seen small glimpses of that difference that Mirror Spock made — but we never got the full novel length story — until now.

The Sorrows of Empire is a the TRUE sequel to Mirror Mirror (Star Trek: The Original Series – Season Two [Blu-ray]) and it is the story that many of us have been waiting 40 years to read. Author David Mack is brilliant and continues on from that classic episode. Spock’s motivation and action are well scripted as is the dialogue and the drama.

The end – well we all knew how it would end – with the end of the Terran Empire – but how it got there and what Emperor Spock did – well that’s what this MOST AWESOME book is all about.

The end is a little shorter than i might have liked, but it works with the Klingon/Cardassian alliance smashing Terra and killing Spock and his poor wife — who get a lot of time in this book usually about her angst about not having a baby with Spock.

The weaving of Dr. Carol Marcus and David Marcus as well as Curzon Dax and Saavik is also brilliant. The Mirror Universe version of the Kobyashi Maru training simulation — another brilliant scene.

Did we like this book? HELL YES. And if you’re a fan classic Trek (and Mirror Mirror) so will you.

Star Trek : A Singular Destiny : The Typhon Pact Rising!! March 16, 2009

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singular Following on the events of Star Trek Destiny, Star Trek: A Singular Destiny by Keith DeCandido shows us the Alpha Quadrant after the Borg devastation..

It’s not a pretty picture.

At first this book was a little hard to get into as it doesn’t focus on some of the character we already know…it takes a few chapters till Captain Dax of the Aventine makes her appearance and there is no Riker or Picard.

That said, we are introduced to a new character Professor Sonek Pran who is a very likeable and well written character – and is the cheif protaganist of this story.

We also do get some pull through a few chapters in from the SCE series as well as the Klingon Gorkon series…so it all works out.

As for the plot, the final conclusion – the rise of the Typhon Pact was kinda neat but how all the little pieces of the conspiracy fit together from Zalda all the way up — seems like a bit of a stretch to us.

One Ferengi was able to negotiate and trigger so much trouble across the Federation? Wouldn’t more than one ship of refugees come to Zalda?

Still, plot cohesion issues aside, this book is highly entertaining and a must read for those that love Star Trek Destiny.

Star Trek Destiny : Lost Souls – Cya Borg! December 23, 2008

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startrekdestiny3 WOWOWOWOWOW. What a conclusion to a massively engaging series.

I thought the first book was awesome, the second book was also ridiculously incredible. But this third one – well how many more superlatives can you say about one series?

The real shocker in this book is how it pulls together the two distinct threads of the series namely the Caelier and the Borg. The way that David Mack weaves the two plots together is brilliant – though I do have some questions…




Star Trek: Destiny: Book 2 Mere Mortals – AWESOME December 19, 2008

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We loved Star Trek : Destiny Book 1, and Book 2 Mere Mortals continues in the same way…IT’S AWESOME.

From the first page to the last this is a gripping tale spanning the width and breadth of the Star Trek universe. 

Riker’s decision at the end of the book – WOW. And it stands in direct contrast with what Worf did with Jadzia..which i suppose was the author’s point and further proves why Riker is fit for command.

This book does seem to spend more time on the Erica Hernandez storyline than the first one – not a problem since Hernandez is such a key character in this series overall.

The writing again is superb which made this a totally engaging and enjoyable read .

Star Trek Destiny : Gods of Night – The best Star Trek series ever? December 7, 2008

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godsofnight Star Trek Destiny is a new trilogy that includes Picard’s Enterprise, Riker’s Titan and Dax’s Aventine as well as the NX-02 Columbia (among others)

It’s an awesome sweep of the Star Trek universe and one that is brilliantly crafted to include all of the characters of the Star Trek Universe from Picard to Paris and everyone in between.

The basics on one side are simple – the Borg are back and this time Assimiliation isn’t their goal. This time they are out to destroy the entire Federation.  Beyond that simple plot mechanism is a story that accessable yet enjoyably complex and layered.

The revelation on the last page of this first book of the Trilogy (no spoilers here) was AMAZING. I did not see that coming.

We’re currently reading book two of this series and it too is awesome so far.  It’s just astounding how one author has been able to have such an incredible grasp of all these characters and make it all so fluid, seemless and totally mesmermizing.