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Star Trek: Destiny: Book 2 Mere Mortals – AWESOME December 19, 2008

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We loved Star Trek : Destiny Book 1, and Book 2 Mere Mortals continues in the same way…IT’S AWESOME.

From the first page to the last this is a gripping tale spanning the width and breadth of the Star Trek universe. 

Riker’s decision at the end of the book – WOW. And it stands in direct contrast with what Worf did with Jadzia..which i suppose was the author’s point and further proves why Riker is fit for command.

This book does seem to spend more time on the Erica Hernandez storyline than the first one – not a problem since Hernandez is such a key character in this series overall.

The writing again is superb which made this a totally engaging and enjoyable read .


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