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Star Trek Destiny : Lost Souls – Cya Borg! December 23, 2008

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startrekdestiny3 WOWOWOWOWOW. What a conclusion to a massively engaging series.

I thought the first book was awesome, the second book was also ridiculously incredible. But this third one – well how many more superlatives can you say about one series?

The real shocker in this book is how it pulls together the two distinct threads of the series namely the Caelier and the Borg. The way that David Mack weaves the two plots together is brilliant – though I do have some questions…



The Borg are descended from the Caelier and humans from the NX-02 Columbia? How did that happen? The Caelier are not mechanical creatures and the prospect of cyborgs just doesn’t add up (or does it?)

And what of the final climax – now trillions of drones are just travelling with Axion? That’s kind of ODD.

Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome story overall – the above are just ‘questions’.

Somehow I don’t think that the Borg threat is entirely gone though…


1. Steve - March 2, 2009

Remember that the NX-02 woman, Thayer, had her foot shot off, and they mentioned that it was replaced with mechanical parts. I’m guessing, the Borg start out with that, though I don’t know how you get assimilation tubules from a mechanical foot. I would think you’d need to assimilate a bit more technology, but maybe the Caelier/Borg were immediately able to *adapt*.

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