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Happy 81st Birthday to William Captain Kirk Shatner March 22, 2012

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He’s not Dead Jim!!

William Shatner turns 81 today and he sure seems as vibrant and as relevant as ever.

Sure the Sh*t My Dad Say show didn’t go anywhere.

Sure JJ Abrams didn’t include him in the Star Trek reboot

But that does mean that fans the world over still don’t love shatner.

So on his 81st birthday we have a few special words.

Mr. Shatner:


Happy 79th Birthday – William Shatner! March 22, 2010

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William Shatner turns 79 today. Happy Birthday Captain/Admiral!!

In recognition today is also talk like William Shatner day…but now we don’t joke about Shatner here..

Shatner is one of the most iconic figures in all of SciFi and he demands our respect.

Sure Kirk is now a caricature of a cartoon character but everyone knows who he is – and that’s not because of J J Abrams Frakin BS version of Star Trek either.

Kirk is Shatner and Shatner will always be Kirk.