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Fringe Renewed for Season Two!! Proof that FOX Knows a great show when they see one May 5, 2009

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Without a doubt Fringe is the best new SciFi show of the past year. The characters are interesting, deep and entertaining. The plots are well constructed and full of twists.

The pacing of the shows is great, without too much dead weight or prancing around.

We all love Walter and Olivia is well she’s just awesome.

Now Fox has officially announced that they have renewed Fringe for a second season..which is great news.

Fringe is not Sarah Connor Chronicle which isn’t a good show and likely will get cancelled by Fox.

Dollhouse on the other end is an excellent show and we here at ShowMeSciFi have our fingers crossed that Fox sees the light and doesn’t destroy another Joss Whedon production.


1. Craig - May 7, 2009

Proof that FOX knows a great show when they see one? Well there’s Firefly, Doll House, Futurama and plenty others that FOX completely hosed.

2. lazylion - May 18, 2009

Fringe sux. It’s just an x-file redo with all the plot points conveniently created by the genius well meaning professor.

Of all the shows to keep, they pick this one?

How bout pump some money into terminator and hire some good writers. Maybe terminator sucked but at least it people wanted it.
Do it right an we’ll watch. But an x-files part 2? Have you learned nothing from knight rider?

3. Craig - May 28, 2009

Fringe differs from X-Files in a very important way–there’s a mad scientist! I grew up watching ’50s sci-fi movies and Fringe’s very questionable science reminds me a lot of many of those. The interplay between Joshua Jackson and John Noble is also very entertaining.

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