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Fringe Season Finale Shocker, Peter is really dead May 14, 2009

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Alright not a spoiler anymore the show was on tuesday night…

Peter is really dead. How about that!! Walter had to pull  him over from an alternate reality…but doesn’t that mean that someone else is missing Peter?

Neat to see Leonard Nimoy – albeit briefly and kind of eerie to have his office in the World Trade Center.

But hey we know this show has been renewed so in a few short months we’ll know what the frak is going on!

Fringe Renewed for Season Two!! Proof that FOX Knows a great show when they see one May 5, 2009

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Without a doubt Fringe is the best new SciFi show of the past year. The characters are interesting, deep and entertaining. The plots are well constructed and full of twists.

The pacing of the shows is great, without too much dead weight or prancing around.

We all love Walter and Olivia is well she’s just awesome.

Now Fox has officially announced that they have renewed Fringe for a second season..which is great news.

Fringe is not Sarah Connor Chronicle which isn’t a good show and likely will get cancelled by Fox.

Dollhouse on the other end is an excellent show and we here at ShowMeSciFi have our fingers crossed that Fox sees the light and doesn’t destroy another Joss Whedon production.

Fringe : Midnight spinal fluid April 29, 2009

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So ZFT is run by William Bell? RLY??

That was the big revelation in last night’s episode Midnight
, but another fine freak’ish scientific mix too.

The only cure for the vampire is spinal fluid..that’s one that i hadn’t heard off before.

Clearly this show is headed toward one massive season finale.

Fringe : Olivia’s Bad Dream : Walter is a liar! April 22, 2009

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Last night’s episode Bad Dreams was another great piece of the pattern puzzle.

So we know that Olivia (or should we call her Olive?) was experimented on as a child..now we know it was Walter and Leonard Nimoy who were directly involved!

Amazing how everything comes back to Walter in this show? It’s actually a little annoying at this point.

How can the whole be pattern be about Walter?

Then again Walter is a whack job…and a character that we all love.

Great to hear the voice of Leonard Nimoy in this episode too...soon enough we’ll see him as William Bell founder of massive dynamics

Fringe Inner Child: The Watcher? April 8, 2009

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Last night’s episode of Fringe, titled the Inner Childwas pretty freaky..
oh and great to have the show back after its two month hiatus too.

So who was the boy? Is he a ‘little watcher’? Guess we’ll find out..but clearly he’s part of the pattern.

And Walter…oh Walter in fine form. He had so many good lines in this episode ..perhaps the funniest…
I’m sure agent Dunham has seen a penis before.

Fringe – What is Ability? February 10, 2009

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fringe So Mr. Jones survived the teleporter but now he’s something..


What is that all about what did he become?

and how did Olivia actually shut off the lights? Was it a trick or is she now a part of the Pattern?

We don’t know and that’s just fine. It’s the fact that this show keeps us guessing throwing us some weird curves..but not too weird such that a normal human can’t follow along.

Though the full season 1 isn’t yet out on DVD (it’s a new show after all) Amazon has all the episodes avail now so you can catch up if you want ..get your Fringe episodes..

Fringe – John Scott is Not a Traitor February 3, 2009

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Tonight’s Fringe was yet another awesome episode. And it was an episode that was completely different than last week’s No Brainer episode

Olivia ends back in the Tank! its kinda like taking a bath for her..

But the biggest revelation of course is that John Scott is still not in the ground (we kinda knew that) and more importantly he wasn’t a traitor. Was this Conrad guy the same one that was responsible for the bio-weapon that ended up in the first episode of Fringe (i think so).

Is John Scott actually dead?

Well….we’ll see won’t we..but somehow I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of John Scott.