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Life on Mars – What was the Postcard about? February 18, 2009

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That sure was an interesting episode – now we know that Sam isn’t insane and that there are other time travellers just like him.

That’s a major revelation.

But what was the postcard all about ? Somewhere over the rainbow? And now people are ‘talking’ to him…Was the councilman supposed to die in order to go back to the future?

Why is it not Sam’s time now?

And how does this all relate to Project Aries?

Here’s a theory Project Aries has taken a whole bunch of people from 2008/2009 ..


1. Peggy - February 25, 2009

My guess is that the stamp on the postcard wasn’t on sale during the 70’s but my search for it online proved fruitless. I seem to remember it’s a recent issue.

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