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Life on Mars Series Finale – They really were going to Mars – AWESOME April 1, 2009

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lifeonmarsThe series finale of Life on Mars was one of the best series finales EVER.

The whole series we’ve been guessing how Sam would get back to 2008 – in fact he never did.

The whole thing was a trip – Project Aries and Aries Toy Company– to Mars. Life on Mars indeed.

Gene Hunt – was really the name of the mars mission – the man is Major Tom and he is Sam’s father …AMAZING.

Windy – Sam’s neighbor is really the ships computer!

The whole show was a sleeping dream while on route to Mars – WOW.

Of all the possibilities this was not one that we had ever thought of. Life on Mars wasn’t just a David Bowie song it was the mission.

This is one finale that made sense – it pulled together the entire show and wrapped it in a way that made us feel satisfied.


1. Bob N - April 1, 2009

The best series finale since the Newhart show……awesome….the writers worked it out perfectly. I wonder if this was the planned ending if the show had continued for a few years or if they thought about it after it was canceled?

2. S - April 2, 2009

I heartily disagree with you and I think chalking it up to a “dream” is a massive cop-out. How many weird things in life could be easily explained if only they were dreams? It’s the easy way out. And this intelligent show deserved better. I am one viewer who feels entirely unsatisfied– all those character relationships and developments that made me fall in love with this show are negated by the fact that they never “really” happened.

Also to Bob: I wonder that too. My theory– probably not the planned ending. I think the UK fans would be hugely upset if its spinoff show is also just a glitched dream.

3. Obeh - April 6, 2009

Ashes to Ashes has me wondering… I loved the U.S. Life on Mars resolution. The BBC one… not so much. We’ll see.

4. TE - April 8, 2009

Well, Ashes to Ashes is supposedly going to have a third series as Phil doesn’t want Gene going to the 90’s and Matthew would like the series continuing. And Gene/Alex is something we allegedly see continuing through to Series Two, so you never know with A2A.

5. Derek Clarke - April 9, 2009

So the US finale was dreamed up by someone who just saw the title and insisted on not seeing any of the UK series at all.

Pam Ewing is spinning in her grave!

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