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Star Wars: Dark Times: A Spark Remains Part 1 – the best keeps getting better July 22, 2013

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Dennis Wheatly is the finest artist in Star Wars comicdom today.

He’s been associated with Dark Times since the beginning (this is what the 7th number one issue in this series?) and each time we’re blown away.

Other Dark Horse artists are good, but Wheatly is the best.

Beyond that Randy Stradley as the author? You gotta be kidding me it’s the ultimate super-powered duo team up.

This story is riveting – Jennir is still struggling to come to terms with reality and his new life/love while Bomo and the crew are moving forward now aiming at striking back at Vader.

The hunted become the hunters.

How cool is that?

Oh and does anyone want to bet that Ember won’t make it out of this series alive?

Star Wars Dark Times : Blue Harvest – Why the delay Dark Horse?? August 12, 2009

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Dark Horse sure knows how to kill a great comic. Star Wars Dark Times – Blue Harvest first was published in April and there isn’t a second issue until August!!!

I just picked up issue O of Blue Harvest – it just came out – four months after the first issue!!! What the FRAK is the point Dark Horse? Why do you treat your loyal readers with such contempt?

Dark Horse’s moronic publishing schedule aside – Dark Times Blue Harvest is awesome. The art from Doug Wheatley is second to none – the man is the best Star Wars artist working today.

The story – fantastic!! That’s why we want more!! That’s why we want it monthly!!