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Blue Harvest is Back! Star Wars: Dark Times #16 — Blue Harvest part 4 April 20, 2010

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With months in-between issue Dark Horse has made this a tough series to follow..

But we follow cause it’s soo freakin awesome.

Finally we get some action here and only one pirate group is left standing – sword law be damned.

But how is Das Jennir going to save everyone here? And will he reconnect with his pals bomo and crew?

One this is for sure when the next and final issue in this arc is out, we’re going back to re-read all five issues.
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Star Wars Dark Times : Blue Harvest – Why the delay Dark Horse?? August 12, 2009

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Dark Horse sure knows how to kill a great comic. Star Wars Dark Times – Blue Harvest first was published in April and there isn’t a second issue until August!!!

I just picked up issue O of Blue Harvest – it just came out – four months after the first issue!!! What the FRAK is the point Dark Horse? Why do you treat your loyal readers with such contempt?

Dark Horse’s moronic publishing schedule aside – Dark Times Blue Harvest is awesome. The art from Doug Wheatley is second to none – the man is the best Star Wars artist working today.

The story – fantastic!! That’s why we want more!! That’s why we want it monthly!!

Family Guy – Blue Harvest – THE STAR WARS episode review September 23, 2007

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As a fan of the Family Guy and Star Wars it was just AWESOME to see Star Wars done in the Family Guy animation style (officially known as Blue Harvest). Lots of great site gags and rye humor and unfortunately a lot of duds too…

On the plus side:

Jumping to hyperspace outsite of Tatooine when Han (Peter) says Hyperspace always looks so freaky and we get the regular lightspeed jump and then DR WHO!! complete with Who soundtrack and the ultimate Doctor Tom Baker.

Also really great when they get to detention block AA23 and Han takes the mike and says…”slight weapons malfunction..we’re all fine here how are you?” and then we get a whole converstation.

Luke entering the princesses cell and her saying .” who are you aren’t a little fat for a stormtrooper.” And luke saying ..”..you stuckup Bitch!”

Han (Peter) in the shooting pod humming along the John Williams music was also classic..

AND to top it all off the end where they take shots at the Robot Chicken version of Star Wars.

So yes this was a Family Guy show for the ages..but no not the best Star Wars parody ever, Stuey as Vader was VERY VERY weak which was a tremendous dis-appointment and all in all there have been other...funnier standalone Star Wars parody moments in Family Guy