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Star Wars: Dark Times: A Spark Remains Part 1 – the best keeps getting better July 22, 2013

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Dennis Wheatly is the finest artist in Star Wars comicdom today.

He’s been associated with Dark Times since the beginning (this is what the 7th number one issue in this series?) and each time we’re blown away.

Other Dark Horse artists are good, but Wheatly is the best.

Beyond that Randy Stradley as the author? You gotta be kidding me it’s the ultimate super-powered duo team up.

This story is riveting – Jennir is still struggling to come to terms with reality and his new life/love while Bomo and the crew are moving forward now aiming at striking back at Vader.

The hunted become the hunters.

How cool is that?

Oh and does anyone want to bet that Ember won’t make it out of this series alive?

Star Wars Dark Times Fire Carrier #2 – Where are the Refugees? March 27, 2013

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Dark Times has always been a ‘dark’ comic.

how could we ever forget that very first story arc back in 2007 – that was so…’unappetizing’

Fire Carrier continues that tradition –

Refugees ferried to a safe location…

only to…. be …


..it’s not pretty.

Dark Times..


Star Wars Dark Times #10 Bomo Goes Ballistic May 28, 2008

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The Parallels story arc has been a really neat one – showing the contrasting parallel storylines of Bomo Greenbark and Jedi Master K’Kruhk.

In the end they both end up much the same don’t they?

They both go nuts killing the bad guys.

The way that the panels were set up in this issue – showing the parallel lines of action – is nothing short of amazing.

Sure this was an issue with more action than chatter but it was an enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying end to a solid story arc.

Star Wars Dark Times #9 Parallels part 4 February 26, 2008

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Another solid issue that moves the plot along nicely. Reading this story arc issue by issue is a bit painful though and if I had a choice I likely would have prefered to just buy a trade paperback (but hey that could be months!).

We continue to learn about Bomo and what he is willing/able to do. And on the parallel side the Jedi younglings are under attack. Overall a nice balance of the two stories.

The real ‘magic’ though of course will come in the next issue when the Parallels will finally be brought together somehow – or not.

I just hope that no one else gets eaten.

Star Wars Dark Times #7 ..it just keeps getting darker December 28, 2007

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This is one depressing series.

Issue #5 of course was one for the ages…this issue just add a bit more misery to mix. This series has real interesting guiding plot line…make the characters miserable…give them a little hope..take it a way and then do a double cross of some sort.

Bomo is getting more integrated in with the crew here and in the parallel story line the Jedi outcasts are making a home for themselves such that it is.

The only weak point is that this is the first issue in awhile not drawn by Doug Wheatley whose artistic style is without peer.

That’s not to say the art is bad (cause it’s not)..it’s just not the same.

Star Wars Dark Times # 5 : Dinner October 19, 2007

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Dark Times is easily one of the most depressing and truly Dark series in the Star War Universe ever published.
It’s just sad what happens..and there really are no happy comic book endings in this comic book.

This first story arc ends in the worst possible way – i was truly shocked and horrified by it – and couldn’t eat for nearly a day…

But i suppose that’s just good comic book writing – not sure that it’s for me as i’m not much for horror –

I’m not going to ‘spoil’ it here for anyone but let me just say this – it’s not a happy ending.