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Knights of the Old Republic issue # 16 May 11, 2007

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Alrighty finally a brand new story arc..maybe this one won’t totally SUCK.
(or maybe it will).

The cover would make you think that this issue at LONG FREAKING LAST is about Zayne and that original incident with the deaths of his fellow padawans. no such luck though..we get a few measly pages of a dream sequence and that’s it.

The rest of this issue is about Jarael and her quest to figure out what’s wrong with Camper.
What’s wrong with Camper is that he’s a lame character!

This issue also has a low page count and a tonne of ads. Dark Horse should be paying readers to take this from their comic book retailers and not the other way around.


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2. the pie lord - July 19, 2007

there should of been some sort of zayne thing in there and insted it was just mombojombo about cammper

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