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Star Wars Legacy # 12 – Vong are the saviors of the Jedi? May 28, 2007

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I seem to remember the Jedi helping to chase the Vong out of the galaxy..true Jacen Solo (now Darth Caedus) did have a thing for the world brain on Coruscant though..

Now apparently the Vong are the keepers of the Jedi legacy.

In any case Star Wars Legacy issue #12 is yet another awesome issue in a series that just doesn’t disappoint. We learn a bit more about Cade, but alot about the Vong and their interaction with the Jedi in this issue.

The only ‘dumb’ thing is Cade deciding to go to Coruscant at the end of the issue – of course he’s going to get captured by Krayt – what kind of plot setup is that? i mean COME ON. Unless of course Krayt is really Cade’s uncle/ancestor and he’s using some Force trick to call him to Corsucant.

In any case a great issue – and i’m looking forward to issue #13.

*OHHH and before i forget. R2D2?! REally? After all these years R2D2 IS BACK!! (wonder when we’ll see C3PO?)


1. darth who - May 29, 2007

r2 d2 is back. hopefully he can fly.of course krayt will get him and r2 will show family histories.krayt will remember his chilhood and bam,
hello anakin.

2. darth who - May 29, 2007

the vong are now using their warriors as jedi. why else wouldsekot give them amphistaffs?the vong will be huge in this series i hope. the one was a lah.

also anakin died in a cloning grashal he was then about to be sent to the shapers. the vong are thorough, why wouldnt they get a blood sample while it was still warm?also when he died his blood was everywhere.he might have been cloned by accident.when krayt becomes the animal his armor is made of its not a crab its voxyn.
there is a pic on wookiepedia from the comic.thats why i say anakin is krayt and r2 will turn him back to the light side.r2 is arguably the most imporntant character in the saga.he alone has all the knowledge of the republic,empire,new republic, and GA.

3. darth who - May 30, 2007

nobody read this comic yet or are you hiding yourselves?

4. Tim - May 31, 2007

hey just picked up the legacy series about three months ago and i have all the bokks except seven through ten and when i saw these vong dudes i had no idea who they where so whoare they. are the good? do they work with the sith?

5. darth who - May 31, 2007

you dont know the vong?????????????????????read the new jedi order novels and you’ll see that sith dont come close to vong.

6. Worship - December 28, 2008

Vong are basically living droids if yuo think about it. they can’t feel the force and they can be affected by some of its applications.

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