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Star Wars: Legacy #0 1/2 : Back To The Beginning September 21, 2007

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I remember very well the day i saw Star Wars Legacy issue #0 on the stand.

It was a great day.

That first issue #0 introduced me to a new wildly exciting universe of Star Wars. A universe where the Sith outnumber the Jedi, Jedi serve an Emperor in Exile, A Sith rules on Coruscant and the last Skywalker is a death stick stoking bounty hunter. AMAZING.

Alot has happened in the Star Wars Legacy universe in the last 18 months and Dark Horse has decided to update issue #0 which was an overview handbook of the people, places and ships in the series.

While the original issue #0 was only $0.25, TFAW has the 0 1/2 issue listed on pre-order at $2.39 (which is still a deal).

A year-and-a-half ago, we introduced you to Legacy-the future of Star Wars. The series’ original issue #0 has long been sold-out, and the information contained therein unavailable . . . until now. This greatly expanded and updated edition contains all of the information new readers need and that longtime readers are craving.

Get the lowdown on all your favorite characters, details on the ships and vehicles they pilot, and the latest on who’s related to who! This is a must-have handbook for the future of the Star Wars glaxy!

* Completely reconfigured from the original edition, with lots of new entries and information!

I can hardly wait! Though we all have too – Star Wars Legacy #0 1/2 doesn’t officially come out until December 19, 2007

Darth Krayt is … A’SHARAD HETT !!! (Star Wars Legacy #15) August 8, 2007

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OMFG! It’s already on other sources but here you go..after months of debate we now know who Darth Krayt is..


Congratulations to those of you who guessed this one correctly. It has been a wonderful discussion with over 350 comments posted.

Just like with the Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice book with Darth Caedus, Darth Krayt’s identity is not revealed until the very last page.

I’m going to read this issue again before commenting on the whole thing ..Star Wars Legacy has been an awesome series to this point but this THIS THIS ISSUE IS THE BEST STAR WARS COMIC ISSUE OF ALL TIME (perhaps).

Who is Hett you ask?

Well luckily we here at ShowMeSciFi not that long ago reviewed the trade paperback where Hett is found on Tatooine. It’s called Outlander and its an awesome read. And its awesome that John Ostrander has brought him back.

Star Wars Legacy Issue # 14 Cade Skywalker Captured by Sith July 16, 2007

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Star Wars: Legacy #14–Claws of the Dragon pt. 1 is the first issue of a new story arc in which we will finally find out who Darth Krayt really is .

This is yet another awesome issue that is brilliant drawn and written. Cade Skywalker makes his way to Coruscant where he is ultimately captured by the Sith. It is also painfully obvious that Cade is more comfortable with a blaster than with using the force, something that isn’t a suprise I suppose since he did leave his Jedi roots behind for many years.

Though this issue is a stepping to stone to issue 15 – which is likely one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars comic book releases in a generation – it’s still worthy of much merit and praise.

We learn that Darth Krayt is dying and that Cade Skywalker may be his only chance for survival.
The Mynock (Cade’s ship) has got some info on it and thnx to a friendly Hutt, that info is going to fall into friendly hands.

Oh and the art…WOW…we see the first real shots of Coruscant in the Legacy era and of the Legacy era Tie Fighter (which are sort of like Tie Interceptors on steroids).

That said…i can hardly contain my enthusiasm for issue 15. FINALLLY we’ll find out who Darth Krayt is.

I wonder if anyone in the ShowMeSciFi discussion forum is actually right.

Star Wars Legacy # 12 – Vong are the saviors of the Jedi? May 28, 2007

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I seem to remember the Jedi helping to chase the Vong out of the galaxy..true Jacen Solo (now Darth Caedus) did have a thing for the world brain on Coruscant though..

Now apparently the Vong are the keepers of the Jedi legacy.

In any case Star Wars Legacy issue #12 is yet another awesome issue in a series that just doesn’t disappoint. We learn a bit more about Cade, but alot about the Vong and their interaction with the Jedi in this issue.

The only ‘dumb’ thing is Cade deciding to go to Coruscant at the end of the issue – of course he’s going to get captured by Krayt – what kind of plot setup is that? i mean COME ON. Unless of course Krayt is really Cade’s uncle/ancestor and he’s using some Force trick to call him to Corsucant.

In any case a great issue – and i’m looking forward to issue #13.

*OHHH and before i forget. R2D2?! REally? After all these years R2D2 IS BACK!! (wonder when we’ll see C3PO?)

Star Wars Legacy : Darth Krayt Revealed in 6 issue story arc May 10, 2007

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We all want to know who Darth Krayt is right?

WE’ve been actively debating it here on ShowMeSciFi…and Dark Horse has indicated that in issue #15 the truth will be revealed.

Looks like it’s going to be REAL GOOD.

Star Wars Legacy issues #14-19 will in fact be a six issue story arc simply titled, ‘Claws of the Dragon’ all about Darth Krayt.

From its inception LEGACY has not disappointed and has only gotten better with each issue. With the return of Jan Duursema, for the Krayt story arc and the final truth being revealed about who Darth Krayt actually is, this series is going totally ballistic.

Thank you John Ostrander for penning the finest Star Wars comic book series of all time..someone should name a planet after you.