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Star Wars Legacy : Darth Krayt Revealed in 6 issue story arc May 10, 2007

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We all want to know who Darth Krayt is right?

WE’ve been actively debating it here on ShowMeSciFi…and Dark Horse has indicated that in issue #15 the truth will be revealed.

Looks like it’s going to be REAL GOOD.

Star Wars Legacy issues #14-19 will in fact be a six issue story arc simply titled, ‘Claws of the Dragon’ all about Darth Krayt.

From its inception LEGACY has not disappointed and has only gotten better with each issue. With the return of Jan Duursema, for the Krayt story arc and the final truth being revealed about who Darth Krayt actually is, this series is going totally ballistic.

Thank you John Ostrander for penning the finest Star Wars comic book series of all time..someone should name a planet after you.


1. DARTH WHO - May 18, 2007

com on over to is dk a jacen solo decendant to see what all us luneys are saying

2. Mark Burdeos - July 21, 2007

I think Krayt may be Ben Skywalker. Maybe Corran Horn’s son.

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