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Stargate SG-1 10×15 The Road Not Taken April 28, 2007

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Parallel Mirror Universe stuff is no stranger to SciFi or Stargate.

Stargate SG-1 Season Ten episode 15 The Road Not Taken is not the best parallel universe episode to ever appear on Stargate SG-1 but it certainly was entertaining.

stargateroad.jpg I tend to prefer mirror universes where the good guys are evil – in this case Landry as President of the US is just a bit evil but still..

All told a solid episode..but again one that doesn’t particularly advance the overall grand plot in the battle against the ori…

Only a few more episodes left and then that’s it for US broadcast TV’s run for Stargate SG-1.


1. Morjana - April 28, 2007

Richard Dean Anderson guest stars in next week’s episode, “The Shroud.”


2. Svenyboy - April 29, 2007

How has this not finished over there yet? It concluded in the UK about a month ago!

3. SFG - April 30, 2007

Svenyboy, they know, I’ve told them already, and seemingly got a mild flaming for doing so.
I’m a little more than surprised to see that the US is so incredibly far behind with this season though. two or three episodes would have been acceptable, but more than half a season seems a little excessive.

4. Stargate SG-1 10 x17 The Shroud « Show Me SciFi - May 4, 2007

[…] much better than the last bunch of Stargate SG-1 Episodes and one that definately engaged me from beginning till the […]

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