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The Force Powers Wind Power – Ever wonder what makes those turbines run? September 11, 2007

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vestassmall.jpg Wind Power has been hailed as the ecological saviour for the planet…now while many may think it’s the Wind that actually powers the wind turbines, we here at ShowMeSciFi.com know better.

On a recent trip through Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) we came across a wind power display from turbine vendor Vestas.

There was something a bit odd about it though and on a closer examination it become more obvious.

Check out the pic below of the (lego) worker in the model that runs the Turbine..


That’s right! Obi-wan Kenobi and The Force!

Star Wars Legacy #13 Emperor Roan Fel KICKS Sith tail June 14, 2007

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I guess he’s not the sitting on the throne eating cheatos kinda emperor.


Another great Star Wars Legacy issue here. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Emperor Fel and now we know that:

a) he’s a fully trained Jedi and

b) He has no mercy for those that have betrayed him.

Makes you kinda wonder what the difference is between him and the Sith? Is it just a shades of grey issue?

Perhaps the true Jedi had it right.

BUT let’s speculate on Roan Fel and his Emperorship..let’s guess that Jainia Solo got together with her ex-boyfriend Fel in Legacy of the Force..they had a child who ultimately kills and displaces Emperor Caedus (formerly known as Jacen Solo).

Thus begins the Fel dynasty and it explains that Emperor Roan Fel is in fact a descendant of Han and Leia Solo. So.. my original guess that Darth Krayt was a descendant of Solo is likely wrong

Anyways great to see so many Sith in action in this issue. If Darth Bane’s Rule of Two held then where would DArth Krayt get his replacements from? One gets chopped up and then hey he’d have to go out and train a new apprentice.