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Star Wars Legacy #13 Emperor Roan Fel KICKS Sith tail June 14, 2007

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I guess he’s not the sitting on the throne eating cheatos kinda emperor.


Another great Star Wars Legacy issue here. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Emperor Fel and now we know that:

a) he’s a fully trained Jedi and

b) He has no mercy for those that have betrayed him.

Makes you kinda wonder what the difference is between him and the Sith? Is it just a shades of grey issue?

Perhaps the true Jedi had it right.

BUT let’s speculate on Roan Fel and his Emperorship..let’s guess that Jainia Solo got together with her ex-boyfriend Fel in Legacy of the Force..they had a child who ultimately kills and displaces Emperor Caedus (formerly known as Jacen Solo).

Thus begins the Fel dynasty and it explains that Emperor Roan Fel is in fact a descendant of Han and Leia Solo. So.. my original guess that Darth Krayt was a descendant of Solo is likely wrong

Anyways great to see so many Sith in action in this issue. If Darth Bane’s Rule of Two held then where would DArth Krayt get his replacements from? One gets chopped up and then hey he’d have to go out and train a new apprentice.


1. lord shadowspawn - June 14, 2007

fel whooped some tail and finished it with a solo move.hes definitely from jaina. does this mean she snaps and leaves the jedi after jacen gets offed?i dont think he’ll live even though he should. they can strip him of the force.

2. Kev - June 23, 2007

From the cover you posted, he kinda has that solo hair.

I would guess he’s Jaina’s kid, yeah.

3. Kick - June 24, 2007

Roan Fel own’s Star Wars!!! He rock’s like Kenobi in his prime!

He owned that Sith in like 5 second’s flat. And that was dealing with a surprise attack.

And, yeah, after issue 13, there is really no doubt that Roan is a Solo. But he doesn’t have to be Jaina’s grandson, he could be Allana’s son. But which ever way, he rule’s.

4. Dave the Insomniac - June 27, 2007

I think he’s a descendant of Jaina and Jag Fel, cause I’m a fanboy at heart and Zekk is a loser, lol. But in seriousness; all three of you have said that there’s little doubt that Roan is a Solo; why?
Not that I disagree… I’m just curious…

5. Kick - July 15, 2007

Well their is (so far) no one thing that proves Roan is of Vader’s line. However when you put all of the little thing’s together it just seems obvious to me anyway.

A. He look’s like Han Solo, and say’s some of the same type of cool thing’s that Han would say such as..”I believe in having a backup”. I can almost hear Han saying it.
B. Jaina has alway’s had a thing for Jagged and that pairing would satisfy a whole heck-of-alot of fans, OR Allana being Royalty married into the Fel line, and helped set up that dynasty.
C. The 501st ..aka..”Vader’s Fist”, are loyal to Fel.
D. Fel’s daughther who is named “Mara”-siah look’s like Padme Amadala, and had a near death experience that echoed Padme’s death scene. Although, obviously, Sai didn’t die and was not in labor.
E. Force sensitivity. Now just because a character is Force sensitive does not mean they are of Vader’s family, but taken with everything else, and knowing that the Fel’s have not been known to be Force sensitive before a possible Jaina or Allana merging, it’s one more circumstancial piece of evidence.

6. Skarred - July 30, 2007

I believe he is a decedent of the chiss trained, New Republic ace pilot, Jagged Fel, he most likely descended from Jaina and Jag since Jag was in no way force sensitive. He is an amazing fighter, only one question remains, How did he get caught up in being an Empire agent being a solo and a Fel, neither of which are Empire enthusiasts. He could also have descended from another force sensitive family that might have supported the empire after a long time and forgetting there force sensitivity,later resulting in Roan finding out he was force sensitive, being an Empire enthusiast, could’ve raised in ranks and eventually became the Imperial leader.

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