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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Fury (book 7) July 6, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Fury is the 7th book in the series and is likely all about Ben Skywalker going nuts as he realizes that Darth Caedus murdered his mama.

It is currently set for release November 27, 2007 and yes first in paperback.


1. Thrawn - July 6, 2007

Yeah, I’m wondering what will take place between Inferno and Fury. Ben’s character is the most interesting to me at this stage in the series.

2. Jeremy - July 9, 2007

I look forward to seeing Luke and Jacen go head to head. Jacen better hope Luke is not still in the decapitating mood he was in at the end of Sacrifice.

3. Derwyndnnw - July 12, 2007

I can’t help but notice that Ben is dressed all in black…

4. Wes Janson - July 13, 2007

But the GAG uniform is black so it is not that a suprise to me…

5. Derwyndnnw - July 24, 2007

In inferno, it is said that luke must choose between supporting the republic with Jacen as it’s “tyrant” or help the fledgeling rebellion. But here on the cover, we see Ben still wearing the GAG uniform. This must mean that Luke and the jedi choose the republic and Jacen.

I would find it extremely hard to believe that Luke would square off against his own son, considering his latest lost.

Maybe Ben is in centerpoint station again, considering the background?

Random thoughts…

6. ODA - September 3, 2007

it is probably wishfull thinking…but if Ben were older and Lucas made the series into a film…don’t you think that Ben would look like Matt Damon?

7. Maloch - September 11, 2007

I have to wonder if the tastles are talking about Ben and not Jacen.

8. darth who - September 11, 2007

i want to know what color bens blade is. is he holding the blade of vader on the cover? it would be fitting for jacen to be wounded by that blade considering vader built it and luke and mara used it.

the tastles are about ben i think.

i think krayt wants ben to be sith.that would be an interesting conversation.

also luke seems to be more powerful than ever. he has assumed the role of yoda in regards to being so powerful that he frightens his enemies.

in inferno the jedi desert jacen and the alliance. luke says that the alliance died with cal omas.

it looks like ben is pointing his blade at someone to keep them on the ground.

9. Maloch - September 12, 2007

I wouldn’t think that Ben is holding Vader’s blade. The top isn’t concistant with Anikin Skywalker or Vader. I would like to hear more about what folks think about the tastles. I will be going back over the book, while I wait for Fury, just to recap and attempt to solve the mystery. I have to aggree that Grand Master Skywalker is very powerful. If it comes down to it, wether it be Jacen or Ben, either would be hard press to defeat a master such as Skywalker. And I can’t wait to see how Alema proves to help Jacen with the help from the Sith on Koraban.

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