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Star Trek : Losing the Peace – 1 word review: AWESOME July 14, 2009

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losingthepeace The Star Trek Destiny series ripped apart the Star Trek universe leaving billions dead and billions more homeless…

This isn’t a Federation vs SOMEONE ELSE book, this is a Federation against itself book as it tries to deal with massive refugee movements and politics.

At first I was a bit skeptical — but once I got into this book I found it totally engaging. The characters are true – Worf has the right dialogue as does Picard — the author has done a brilliant work capturing the real essence of what always has made TNG work.

The basics of the story were interesting but it is the storytelling and the characters that make this book Awesome.

In a lot of ways, we found this book to be even better than the first Star Trek Destiny fallout book – A Singular Destiny – though that’s a great book too.

We like where the Star Trek universe is heading – this is the rich complexity of environments, characters and plots that only great storytelling and masterful authors can deliver. Losing the peace was great, my only complaint now is what’s next? How many months (years?) will we have to wait until the next great Star Trek TNG book?


1. Omnesion - July 19, 2009

Thanks for the review! Gotta read them now…I love sci-fi but Star Trek, especially ST: TNG is my favorite! Except for Jolene Blalock in ST: Enterprise that is…LOL! 😉

2. Omnesion - March 30, 2010

I just got through reading “Losing The Peace”…I really enjoyed it, so kudos to Mr. Leisner! I also just wanted to say that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the character of T’Ryssa Chen! I know girls like her, and I felt like I knew her already. Awesome read!

3. Omnesion - April 5, 2010

I just started reading “Greater Than The Sum” by Christopher L. Bennett, and I realized that Mr. Leisner wasn’t responsible for the creation of T’Ryssa Chen’s character. So I just wanted to correct my previous comment, and thank Mr. Bennett for her creation. Love the Vulcan/Human hybrid w/ a heart of gold. So far it’s been very good. I love your blog btw!

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