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Some great Star Wars Auctions this weekend. Vintage AT-AT oh my! August 17, 2007

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When i was a kid i always wanted the big AT-AT walker. Never did get it..but there is an interesting eBay auction now that might be the one..bidding has started at only $10..check it out for yourself!

Star Wars Vintage AT-AT Walker

How bout a rebel blockade runner? bidding on this beauty is real low now too..

Star Wars blockade runner

Rejected Star Wars Stamps June 27, 2007

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OK, regular ShowMeSciFi readers know all about USPSjedimaster.com and the US Postal Service’s Star Wars stamps.


What about the stamp designs that didn’t get accepted?

MAD Magazine in this month’s issue takes a stab at showing us a few….

Star Trek The Next Generation Gets US Postal Stamps June 26, 2007

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Last month it was Star Wars (at USPSjedimaster.com) and now it looks like Star Trek TNG is going postal too.

It’s all in honor to the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation – (hard to believe it has been 20 years..)

Unlike the Star Wars stamps though the Star Trek stamps aren’t available at USPS outlets across the nation..but only exclusively through Creation Entertainment (they do Trek Conventions).

They’re selling them now on eBay and apparently only have some 200 units available for auction.Each set includes 10 pages of stamps (10 stamps per page), so you will have 100 total stamps.

Check out the bidding now…boldy go

USPSjedimaster.com With 18 Days To Go Yoda Rules! May 6, 2007

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With only 18 days to go..Yoda is winning in the poll at USPSjedimaster.com..over Darth Vader! This is the contest that’s been running for the last six weeks or so.

Hard to believe..but it’s not over yet..you can vote up to once a day and it’ll be interesting to see who ultimately wins. Not that it really matters though does it?

The US Postal Service will print both Yoda and Vader stamps in the end…but it’s all good fun nonetheless.