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Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade – What will it sell for? July 27, 2007

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How many quarters have I sunk into a machine just like this one? I wish i knew…

In another installment of neat Star Wars stuff on eBay – this week we’ve found a Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade unit in perfect working order according to the seller.

This isn’t the original arcade game but the reworked one that came out in 1998 where you get to play all the movies. I always got stuck in the lightsaber battle with Vader (though i think it was cursed with a sticky controller in the arcades i visited).

If you’ve got the $$ and the space – or hey if you want to make some small money for your local retail establishment this might be the auction for you.

According to the seller, “Original cost was over $8,000 new. Buy it here for a fraction of that cost! It has steadily earned over $100 a week in my location.”

The seller has it listed for $3,000 or Best offer – so far he’s got one offer that he rejected.
Take a look for yourself on the eBay auction page

Star Wars Toys on eBay – some items sold, some didn’t July 24, 2007

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More on some of last weeks auctions on eBay that i was looking at with Star Wars collectibles.

Some sold, but not all. Here’s the breakdown:

Star Wars DROIDS uncle gundy
this is a rare toy, sold for $61.01 with 11 bidders

Star Wars Y-Wing complete with bomb sold for $51 after 6 bids.

Not Everything sells either, I was watching a few interesting items that picked up 0 bids.
Sith Infiltrator Remote
was listed at $5 and had zero bids. Could’ve been a real win for someone at that price!

Want your own Star Wars Clone Army? July 21, 2007

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There are always a tonne of interesting star wars toys available on eBay, some end up going for way more than you’d ever expect, some go for less and some don’t go at all.

As part of a new feature starting today on ShowMeSciFi, we’re going to highlight interesting stuff to look out for, as well as provide information on what some interesting stuff has sold for (or not).

1) Clone Trooper Lot includes:
1 Snow Trooper
1 AT-AT Driver
1 Republic Commando Scorch
2 Galactic Marines
2 Commander Bacara’s blue/maroon variant
4 Kashyyk Troopers, 2 are custom
2 Kashyyk Special Troopers
1 Custom Commmander Gree
4 Utupau Clone Troopers
1 Commander Cody
1 Utupau Airborne Trooper
1 501st Airborne Trooper
1 Custom Commander Bly
1 Clone Pilot
4 501st Clone Troopers
1 Commander Appo
1 Blue Clone Commander
1 412th Fleet Division Clone Trooper
5 Storm Troopers
1 Clone Engineer2 Clone Troopers (white)
1 White AT-RT Driver
1 Brown Combat Engineer
1 White AT-RT Gunner
1 Red Clone Commander
1 Custom Shadow Trooper

That’s alot of imperial armor if you ask me! The first bid came in at $103 dollars it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up. If you’re interested go bid on it yourself at the Clone Trooper lot page (Bidding ends at: Jul-22-07 08:51:28 PDT)

UPDATE: This ended up closing at: US $151.95 

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Contest discontinued by Simon and Shuster July 10, 2007

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After 10 magnificent years of the most interesting contest in Star Trek lore, publisher Simon and Shuster is pulling the plug on the Strange New Worlds contest.

Volume 10 available now, is the last one.

This is the contest that allowed anyone to submit their short Star Trek fiction and have a shot at publication. By ending this publication Simon and Shuster is cutting the heart out of amateur writers that want to break into the game.

There is nothing else like this contest currently available. The discontinuation of this series is a disaster and morbid day for all Star Trek fans.

Ten years ago Pocket Books offered Star Trek fans a unique opportunity. Long before the Internet, Star Trek fans had written their own stories, which they then shared among friends and family. Now, the fans were offered a chance to become a part of the Star Trek mythos. A contest sponsored by Pocket Books would publish and pay for the best stories submitted by non-professional writers. And over the course of a decade, hundreds of pounds of submissions poured in. Many of the writers who submitted to Strange New Worlds went on to become professional writers.

As of 2007, we will be discontinuing the publication of Strange New Worlds.

Pocket Books is proud to have sponsored the only contest of this kind ever offered to the readers of their books. And over the years with the co-operation of Paramount Pictures, and now CBS Consumer Products, Pocket Books has published ten volumes of short stories “by the fans for the fans.” We would like to thank everyone who ever submitted a story to Strange New Worlds, and everyone who worked behind-the-scenes to make it all happen.

Why is this successful contest being terminated? We don’t know. All we know is that the Star Trek franchise is once again FRAKKING over its fans.

Star Wars Show Us Your Lightsaber contest – A TOTAL DUD July 10, 2007

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Back in February Hasbro announced the Show Us Your Lightsaber contest on YouTube..i have to admit that I totally forgot about it ..until i came across the group today.

I didn’t miss much.

The group only netted 42 videos most of them unwatchable including the winner which is so pathetic that I will not link to it on this blog. None of the vids went viral and none (expect for hasbro’s only trailer) had more than 2,000 views with the majority (including the pathetic winner) at well under 1,000.

The only one that I like was the Saber of Ra – linked below – it’s well done and it sure is unique.

More Star Wars Toys on the Way – May 30, 2007

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30 years worth of toys isn’t enough – when it comes to Star Wars that is.

Hasbro has got a few more goodies coming out this year, so time to expand your collection.

Among the highlights is a Gold Squadron Y-Wing from Episode IV. Obi-Wan Starfighter with Hyperspace ring (EP I and II), ARC-170 (special Clone wars animated series version), Quinlan Vos and Villie Comic pack (from the Dark Horse series) andthat’s just what the highlights are IMHO.

check out this Hasbro panel from Celebration IV for more details

Would you like to see more Jedi Starfighter ships and if so who? April 1, 2007

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With the 30th anniversary of Star Wars upon us Hasbro has gone nuts releasing (and re-releasing) tonnes of Star Wars toys.

I just saw a Darth Vader Sith Starfighter (not a tie fighter) at Target and was totally freaked out by it.

Apparently Hasbro has even more up its sleeve and is running a poll in association with YodaNews.com to see what other starfighter fans one.

VOTE NOW voting ends on April 16th, 2007.
Personally i want to see Yoda’s starfighter…..though any new starfighter is a cool one..i’d buy Mace Windu’s too..