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Battlestar Galactica Razor Preview July 11, 2007

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SciFi showed a 30 second preview of the upcoming movie Battlestar Galactica Razor – set to air in November.


War Is Our Imperative. So We Will Fight – Admiral Cain in Razor.

I see this movie based on the trailer – as a copycat approach of the Babylon 5 movie ‘In the Beginning’ (which was awesome too). Originally we thought that this movie would be all about Battlestar Pegasus, but it looks like its really about the origin of the war itself – which got an ok treatment in the mini-series- but will get a different viewpoint in the Razor movie.

Without any further ado..here’s the trailer that aired last night on Scifi. Enjoy.

Star Wars Show Us Your Lightsaber contest – A TOTAL DUD July 10, 2007

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Back in February Hasbro announced the Show Us Your Lightsaber contest on YouTube..i have to admit that I totally forgot about it ..until i came across the group today.

I didn’t miss much.

The group only netted 42 videos most of them unwatchable including the winner which is so pathetic that I will not link to it on this blog. None of the vids went viral and none (expect for hasbro’s only trailer) had more than 2,000 views with the majority (including the pathetic winner) at well under 1,000.

The only one that I like was the Saber of Ra – linked below – it’s well done and it sure is unique.

Would you like to see more Jedi Starfighter ships and if so who? April 1, 2007

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With the 30th anniversary of Star Wars upon us Hasbro has gone nuts releasing (and re-releasing) tonnes of Star Wars toys.

I just saw a Darth Vader Sith Starfighter (not a tie fighter) at Target and was totally freaked out by it.

Apparently Hasbro has even more up its sleeve and is running a poll in association with YodaNews.com to see what other starfighter fans one.

VOTE NOW voting ends on April 16th, 2007.
Personally i want to see Yoda’s starfighter…..though any new starfighter is a cool one..i’d buy Mace Windu’s too..