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Battlestar Galactica Razor Preview July 11, 2007

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SciFi showed a 30 second preview of the upcoming movie Battlestar Galactica Razor – set to air in November.


War Is Our Imperative. So We Will Fight – Admiral Cain in Razor.

I see this movie based on the trailer – as a copycat approach of the Babylon 5 movie ‘In the Beginning’ (which was awesome too). Originally we thought that this movie would be all about Battlestar Pegasus, but it looks like its really about the origin of the war itself – which got an ok treatment in the mini-series- but will get a different viewpoint in the Razor movie.

Without any further ado..here’s the trailer that aired last night on Scifi. Enjoy.

Midtown Comics New York City – lots of stuff but no bag and board February 14, 2007

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I found myself in New York City for work this week – and hey it’s new comics Wednesday so I headed to Midtown Comics on 40th and 7th Ave in Times Square.

BUSY BUSY BUSY – and this was in the middle of a freaking snow storm too.

More comics than my local home town seller that’s for sure…but something was missing.

I bought a large stash of comics (including many that i’ll end up reviewing on ShowMeSciFi) but NO BAG AND BOARD!

Maybe i’m spoiled or something but i’m used to getting a bag and board with all new comics. It’s just part of the service.

So Midtown comics…nice store lots of stuff but you guys SUCK and fail in my book for real comic customer service. Show some respect and bag and board your comics and respect that your customers are collectors and not children.