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Battlestar Galactica Razor Preview July 11, 2007

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SciFi showed a 30 second preview of the upcoming movie Battlestar Galactica Razor – set to air in November.


War Is Our Imperative. So We Will Fight – Admiral Cain in Razor.

I see this movie based on the trailer – as a copycat approach of the Babylon 5 movie ‘In the Beginning’ (which was awesome too). Originally we thought that this movie would be all about Battlestar Pegasus, but it looks like its really about the origin of the war itself – which got an ok treatment in the mini-series- but will get a different viewpoint in the Razor movie.

Without any further ado..here’s the trailer that aired last night on Scifi. Enjoy.

Battlestar Galactica – Admiral Cain and Six…How close were they? June 25, 2007

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We know that the next ‘NEW’ Battlestar Galactica event is

the Battlestar Pegasus Movie Razor which comes out in

November (link). There is rampant speculation that it will deal why Admiral Cain hates Six so much..

According to the speculation, Six and Cain were lovers (yup lesbos in space).

Considering that there is a direct to DVD movie version, i wonder if the producers will have an adults only rated version…

Battlestar Galactica Movie all about Pegasus March 26, 2007

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So now that Season 3 is officially over for Battlestar Galactica – we’ve got 8 long months until we see Season 4. In the interim there will be a Battlestar Galactica direct to DVD movie – all about the Battlestar Pegasus. In an awesome interview, Ronald D. Moore explains what’s going to happen.

That story will not pick up our cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. That didn’t seem right. The story will be set on the Battleship Pegasus and will take place in the past, relative to where we are in Season 3. But the events set up in that story will then pay off in Season 4.

…. Since we won’t be back until January, which is a long time to be off the air, it gives the fans something to see and keeps the show alive. So it serves multiple masters. There was no way we could pick up the cliffhanger in that format, and then ask people to wait to really start the season later. One of the story lines everyone had really liked was the Pegasus story and the character of Admiral Cain, so we decided to go with that.

Moore also drops a real bomb- apparently he hasn’t yet determined whether or not Season 4 will be the last season for BSG either.

The way i see it Season 4 is all about the origins of the cylon race as well as the human race. When and if both of those plot lines are resolved the show really should end.

Read the full interview with Moore on Salon.com