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Battlestar Galactica – Admiral Cain and Six…How close were they? June 25, 2007

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We know that the next ‘NEW’ Battlestar Galactica event is

the Battlestar Pegasus Movie Razor which comes out in

November (link). There is rampant speculation that it will deal why Admiral Cain hates Six so much..

According to the speculation, Six and Cain were lovers (yup lesbos in space).

Considering that there is a direct to DVD movie version, i wonder if the producers will have an adults only rated version…


1. Margie - July 1, 2007

It will definitely be on SciFi first before going to DVD, but as for an adult-only version … probably not. Still, it is a fun plot point and should be interesting to watch!

2. Deadly - February 13, 2008

Yeah the old and offensive stereotype of a lesbian relationship. It ends with murder and madness. It just pisses me off that someone actually wrote this crap. It only enforces a negative outlook on gay relationships. Most consider Cain a frakking evil Hitler psycho anyway right? So why not make her gay too? Frakking retards.

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