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Sandworms of Dune – Review September 5, 2007

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sandworms.jpgI finally finished Sandworms of Dune..it’s been out for nearly a month at this point).

Like its predecesor – Hunters of Dune – this is a very well written book. Unlike Hunters of Dune which ended with the realization that after 15,000 years the machines were back – i wasn’t as blown over with the final outcome. In fact it was a bit of a let down.

Sure the final ultimate Kwizatch Haderach is revealed – woohoo – and ultimately – the machines are confronted and the ultimate resolution is acheived.

But the path to reaching those ultimate conclusions was too long, and convoluted. The fact that so little of the Universe outside of the New Sisterhood and the no-ship is discussed or revealed is terribly disappointing.

Then again – the final resolution does bring back many of the great heroes that have spanned the Dune universe. But not all.

At no point is the great Vorian Atreides discussed. He was the one that served Omnius/Erasmus after all and it would have been great to have him return as well.

At points the book is thoroughly engaging and it is a MUST READ for all fans of Dune. Sandworms is not however the best (nor the worst) of the Dune books. It could have been as brilliant as the Dune: The Battle of Corrin (which was supposed to have been the end of the thinking machines) but somehow it stutters a bit.

Supposedly this is the last – chronologically speaking – book in the Dune series. Though it will not be the last in the Dune series in terms of publication.

New DUNE Movie in the Works? August 31, 2007

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If only melange flowed freely and Maud’ib had never wandered into the desert of Arakis..

Apparently a new version of Dune may well be on  the way if rumors are to be believed.

Personally I’ve enjoyed both the David Lynch and the SCIFI channel versions…i’m not terribly interested in yet another version of the first Dune book…but maybe we could have..The Butlerian Jihad? that would be awesome.

Silver Snail Comics in Toronto – NO bag and board – but it’s cheaper than the US June 13, 2007

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I ended up in Toronto today for a conference and it’s wednesday so you know i had to find a comic book store (new issue of Star Wars Legacy out today!! – i’ll review it tomorrow after i read).

Anyways..turns out Silver Snail – which is the biggest comic book store in downtown Toronto – does not do the board and bag thing – much like Midtown Comics which i blogged about a while back.

I guess BIG comic books stores figure they don’t have to do that…on the positive side though they charged US cover price for the comics – which means that it is actually 5 or 10 percent cheaper to buy comics in Toronto at Silver Snail than it is to buy the exact same comic book at Midtown Comics in NYC. Go figure.

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising from Dark Horse Begins March 28, 2007

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Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising Hard Cover is now out and I’ve got a copy.

Usually at ShowMeSciFi we don’t focus that much on the actual physical construction of a comic, this is an exception.

This is a GORGEOUS looking graphic novel.

Dark Horse has done an awesome job on printing this the cover is slick and elegant and the paper is just top notch. Even better is the price -they’re charging the same for this hardcover as I would have expected to pay for a regular soft-cover trade paperback.

The hardcover series is part of a 30th Anniversary thing from Dark Horse where they’re re-printed some popular stuff. Next up is Jedi vs. Sith which ShowMeSciFi has already reviewed (in the regular soft paperback edition).

Full review of the The Freedon Nadd Uprising will follow in the coming weeks.

Midtown Comics New York City – lots of stuff but no bag and board February 14, 2007

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I found myself in New York City for work this week – and hey it’s new comics Wednesday so I headed to Midtown Comics on 40th and 7th Ave in Times Square.

BUSY BUSY BUSY – and this was in the middle of a freaking snow storm too.

More comics than my local home town seller that’s for sure…but something was missing.

I bought a large stash of comics (including many that i’ll end up reviewing on ShowMeSciFi) but NO BAG AND BOARD!

Maybe i’m spoiled or something but i’m used to getting a bag and board with all new comics. It’s just part of the service.

So Midtown comics…nice store lots of stuff but you guys SUCK and fail in my book for real comic customer service. Show some respect and bag and board your comics and respect that your customers are collectors and not children.