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Sandworms of Dune – Review September 5, 2007

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sandworms.jpgI finally finished Sandworms of Dune..it’s been out for nearly a month at this point).

Like its predecesor – Hunters of Dune – this is a very well written book. Unlike Hunters of Dune which ended with the realization that after 15,000 years the machines were back – i wasn’t as blown over with the final outcome. In fact it was a bit of a let down.

Sure the final ultimate Kwizatch Haderach is revealed – woohoo – and ultimately – the machines are confronted and the ultimate resolution is acheived.

But the path to reaching those ultimate conclusions was too long, and convoluted. The fact that so little of the Universe outside of the New Sisterhood and the no-ship is discussed or revealed is terribly disappointing.

Then again – the final resolution does bring back many of the great heroes that have spanned the Dune universe. But not all.

At no point is the great Vorian Atreides discussed. He was the one that served Omnius/Erasmus after all and it would have been great to have him return as well.

At points the book is thoroughly engaging and it is a MUST READ for all fans of Dune. Sandworms is not however the best (nor the worst) of the Dune books. It could have been as brilliant as the Dune: The Battle of Corrin (which was supposed to have been the end of the thinking machines) but somehow it stutters a bit.

Supposedly this is the last – chronologically speaking – book in the Dune series. Though it will not be the last in the Dune series in terms of publication.

Stargate Atlantis Dr Carson Beckett Didn’t Have To Die June 3, 2007

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OK. Sunday (Stargate Atlantis 3×17) has finally aired in the US (though ShowMeSciFi blogged about it back in February originally).

Dr. Carson Beckett didn’t have to die.

For those that don’t read this blog or look for spoilers online, they had no idea what was coming. I got  calls from a few friends after the episode aired asking me what the FRAK happened – AFTER scolding them for not reading this blog we had some great discussions.

The SciFi website gives no indication in its episode synopsis that Sunday has anything to do with Beckett. In fact they make it seem like Dr. Weir going on a date is the BIG plot.

Becket was just going about his dangerous business as he does in every episode, disposing of the exploding tumor was no more or less dangerous than anything else we’ve seen him or anyone else on Stargate Atlantis do. Yet somehow this time Beckett dies. There is an explosion and then we see his flag draped coffin.

It didn’t have to be this way.

It was an empty death for a noble character – he deserved much better. Sure the multiple flashback approach for the plot in this episode was great but none of it justified the death of Beckett.

Word is that Becket will now return in Season 4. Seeing as he was – plain and simple – blown up real good – i don’t see how he can come back. It’s not like he ascended or anything.

Maybe it will be a clone or replicator version of Becket but the original Scotsman is dead. The piper has already played the pipes for him.

Beckett’s death was an empty one – even more empty than Tasha Y’aar in Star Trek. The way Trek brought Tasha back was kinda neat though..here’s hoping Stargate Atlantis’ writing crew comes with something as inventive.

Otherwise I suppose they could always just have a shower scene..and this one Sunday episode could just be bad dream