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Sandworms of Dune – Review September 5, 2007

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sandworms.jpgI finally finished Sandworms of Dune..it’s been out for nearly a month at this point).

Like its predecesor – Hunters of Dune – this is a very well written book. Unlike Hunters of Dune which ended with the realization that after 15,000 years the machines were back – i wasn’t as blown over with the final outcome. In fact it was a bit of a let down.

Sure the final ultimate Kwizatch Haderach is revealed – woohoo – and ultimately – the machines are confronted and the ultimate resolution is acheived.

But the path to reaching those ultimate conclusions was too long, and convoluted. The fact that so little of the Universe outside of the New Sisterhood and the no-ship is discussed or revealed is terribly disappointing.

Then again – the final resolution does bring back many of the great heroes that have spanned the Dune universe. But not all.

At no point is the great Vorian Atreides discussed. He was the one that served Omnius/Erasmus after all and it would have been great to have him return as well.

At points the book is thoroughly engaging and it is a MUST READ for all fans of Dune. Sandworms is not however the best (nor the worst) of the Dune books. It could have been as brilliant as the Dune: The Battle of Corrin (which was supposed to have been the end of the thinking machines) but somehow it stutters a bit.

Supposedly this is the last – chronologically speaking – book in the Dune series. Though it will not be the last in the Dune series in terms of publication.


1. SandChigger - September 9, 2007

I just have to ask…by what criteria do you judge it “a very well written book”?

2. showmescifi - September 9, 2007

Looks we all know Kevin Anderson is a hack that writes pulp scifi. But it’s clean in terms of language, flow betwen characters and scene and it does ‘read’ well.

3. Erocka - September 19, 2007

I am relieved to see that I am not the only one severly dissapointed by these books. I have yet to finish Sandworms, but I feel as though the formulatic writing and clean full circle narrative will continue on through this book. I felt dirty after I read “Hunters”. I have never had such an overwhelming desire to destroy a book before. For me the Dune journey ended with “Chapter House”

4. Carl - June 3, 2008

This book is a shame… just a shame.
No depth, no real dialogues, no philosophical undertone…
The son clearly doesn’t have the talent of his father, and he should have done what Christopher Tolikien did with his dad’s legacy…

5. Omphalos - October 15, 2008

These books are trash. There is no “flow” because every time these idiots dictate a passage they throw rocks into the stream FH created. The only thing that there is, is action. Thoughtless, mindless, pointless action. You might as well read the directions on a bottle of shampoo, because they “flow” identically to this trash.

6. Maurice - December 23, 2008

I totally agree.
These are soulless stories.
In fact… I really like them till “god emperor”.
Heretics and chapter house are good books though, and far better than these crappy ones.
Tolkien Jr. sucks as well

7. Pocketbooks - December 10, 2010

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